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Tweets - How to engage with the good, bad and ugly...

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by crashed, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Behind the VPN...
    I was looking for a tweet writing service when I realised that such a thing did not exist on BHW, and more to the point other content writers did not seem to understand just what makes a tweet great.

    Now going back to basics, twitter is a social media ? this means that it works by engagement, whether that is retweeting, favourite(ing), answering a question, or commenting on what you have said. Engagement then leads to authority which leads to traffic ? not the quickest process but as they say solid foundations give a bright future.

    So why are each of these engagements important?

    Retweeting (RT)
    This replicates your tweet onto that users feed so that it is then shown to all their followers, basically it allows the social spread of your message.

    This is something a lot of people don?t understand, on twitter each user has a separate feed of favourite tweets which is viewable at the url (http://twitter.com/username/favorites). Now your tweet is replicated in its entirety here, which gives you a backlink to your tweet (imagine if your tweet contained a link), plus with google etc having loads of people evaluate your message as something worth ?saving? is a very strong social signal.

    With replies or comments it is essential to have a human check and respond, this is probably the strongest social signal ? a conversation, you talking to people and people talking to you. Sometimes if I have many replies to something I will favourite some instead of replying ? this still shows the person tweeting at me that I have seen their tweet whilst being quicker.
    With replies twitter changed a while back so any reply that starts with a @ is hidden from your main timeline? its good as it keeps it neat and tidy, but sometimes you want to share a reply with multiple people. In this can you can either put the @name to the end of the reply text ? or simply place a ?.? In front of the @name at the start of the tweet.

    Content Guide
    With all this in mind the purpose of the tweet is to create engagement by having useful and interesting information, asking a question, or by being funny. Now twitter has tried to include images even including them in the newsfeed, however this is still something that has not really taken off. The real value in twitter is getting a ?useful? message into your 140 characters that people want to engage with.

    Now twitter is a tool for becoming an authority in a niche, except instead of a blog with loads of long articles you do it with short 140 character tweets, and by engaging people. This is where I think a lot of people go wrong as they loose site of the long term for blasting links for short term traffic.

    Links ? Generally I try to avoid loads of links in tweets, the original guideline was that only 10%-20% of your total tweets should be with links. This is something I still agree with as the 80% that are not links serve the purpose of building your authority in your niche. When you use links you need to appeal to the readers curiosity with an amazing title to get them to want to click it to find out more.

    Hashtags ? I love hashtags, especially if they fit a theme or topic. Generally though I never start a tweet with a hashtag, where possible I build it into the body of the tweet to make it contextual and never have more than 2 consecutive hashtags as then it just gives a impression of hashtag stuffing rather than content. There are loads of free ways to discover hashtags and look at their dominance?

    - My favourite tool for finding related hashtags is: http://hashtagify.me/hashtag/marketing
    - And for checking dominance (tweets per hour tagged with it) of a hashtag I like https://www.hashtags.org/analytics/marketing/ which also gives you information on dominant users (aka people to steal followers from),

    Writing tweets
    When it comes to writing your tweet you need to remember your goal, it is not about filling 140 characters but giving the most useful information in the 140 characters that you can. You want a user to engage, whether that is sharing your useful information with a RT, favourite it to come back to, or to respond to you.

    Check out these tweets that I?ve just stolen from twitter in the past 30 minutes and have a think about if they get you interested?

    1. Dream Killers: Don't let anyone sabotage your dream --> http://linkremoved @nameremoved #Entrepreneurs #Innovation #Inspiration Reminder!

    2. Have you purchased your ticket for the Act Like A Success Conference yet? Hurry before they are gone! http://linkremoved

    3. Hi friends #winter is coming > open your heart and door for all #cats > give warm home, love, food! #hugs #catlover

    4. Gr8 prices on Wholesale Gemstones! #eBay #Gems #Jewels #Artisan #Wholesale #Gemstones #Save #Crafting SeleneGems http://linkremoved

    5. Do you know that #labour want you to pay to see your GP? #UKIP are against it and will never make you pay

    6. Tonight the dogs will compete for best in group: Toy, Non-Sporting, Sporting, and Hound. What breeds are you excited for? #celebratedogs

    7. Reasons to spay and neuter: One female #dog and her female children could produce 4,372 #puppies in seven years. #dogfacts

    So lets look at these together?

    1 ? So weak, it doesn?t tell you anything, and doesn?t give you any reason to click, and its followed by loads of hashtags

    2 ? It has a question to attract attention, then tells people to hurry? It has got no hashtags, and is broadcasting rather than social advertising. In a newspaper fine, but on twitter?

    3 ? This tweet actually got loads of RT?s and Favourites. Its not selling, its not got a link, but it appeals to the heart and is relevant to the season.

    4 ? Hashtag stuffing at its finest, 8 hashtags filling over 50% of the tweet. So many hashtags in fact that the tweet itself cannot use proper English. Twitter is not sms, not a place for txt speak!

    5. Slightly political tweet but good example. It has hashtags, it has a question that provokes emotion (in the UK we don?t pay for dr?s!), and then has a fact in favour of something else. I would have potentially added in a #nhs tag to the end?

    6 ? Giving people options, and then asking them to choose their favourite ? so people do just that and reply? Not only that you also had people asking if they could watch it online!

    7 ? Shocking facts, scary number and hashtags? And a ton of RT?s? It is useful information.

    Spend some thought on your tweets to give people a reason to engage ON TWITTER with social signals and not just through clicking a link. I hope this has been a little bit helpful.

    Merry Christmas
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