[Tutorial] How to Make $100 per Day with Pay Per Call

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    I discovered Pay Per Call (PPCall) in 2011, did some research, started my first campaign and fell in love. I was able to start making profit of over $100 per day within the first month and would like to share some simple insights that I discovered during my quest. I'll try to keep this post as short and simple as possible and maybe you'll find inspiration to try this method as well.

    Pay Per Call is a great way to earn money because you get a commission for referring potential customers to a call center. You are basically helping people find the right phone number to call. Once the call meets certain criteria like time duration or IVR choices you'll get paid. A lot of people think about scamming when they hear about PPCall (let people make fake calls). You are free to do whatever you want but I will not discuss that way.

    - Find a Good PPCall Offer
    - Create a Website and Landingpage
    - Create a Google Adwords Account
    - Set up an Adwords Campaign
    - At least $200+ to spend on advertising but preferably $500 - $1000+
    - If possible a valid $100 Adwords Voucher.

    1.1 Networks
    Register yourself with a few PPCall Networks. I would start with 5, so you'll have a good choice of offers and can connect with a couple of Account Managers to discuss things in detail.
    There are many networks but I have had great experiences with RexConnect, Astoria, RingPartner, CJ and Mundo Media. If you don't have a lot of experience and they are hesitant to accept you, just bluff your way in. If money is an issue, check if you can get paid on a more regular base like once per week. So you can re-invest quicker in running more ads.

    1.2 Offer
    Find one good offer that you can relate to or that is easy to market for you. There are many offers but most common verticals are Insurance, Home Improvement, Legal, Finance and Education. Think of an angle. I always selected my offers using the specifications below.
    - All US (meaning no offers in just a few states = harder to target)
    - 24/7 (So you can decide when you want to run, depending on your offer).
    - Minimum of $10 per qualified call (only accept lower payouts if CPC is really low)
    - Check the possible restrictions of this offer and if they are ok with you.
    - Is it logical/convenient for potential customers to connect with this service by phone?
    - Ask your Account Manager what offers do well.

    1.3 Testcall
    Once you are logged into your account, you can make a test call. ALWAYS MAKE A TESTCALL, so you can hear the quality, options and length of the IVR and if it sounds good or not. Would you proceed or disconnect? Many people would do the same.

    1.4 Applying for an offer
    Once you have selected the right offer, you apply to that campaign. They'll ask you how you are going to promote it. I always kept it short: Google and Bing Paid Mobile Ads. Once you are accepted you can add phone number(s). These numbers are your unique numbers that will get you paid. Use them well.

    2. WEBSITE
    2.1 Setting up a Website
    Pick an angle and you start creating a website.
    I preferred buying a domain (.com / .net) but you can also create a free wordpress or blogger site.
    I wrote my own articles, created a logo and made it look like a business but you can choose many approaches like review sites, personal blog ed. Later I hired people on oDesk or freelancer to write articles and set up a complete website for me with plug ins and all for just a couple of hundred dollars.
    It depends on what you want and have the time and budget for.

    2.2 Domain name
    Because I didn't wanted Google on my back for having an affiliate site (they hate it) my first website was a general page about phone consultation services (example: phoneconsultation.com ). This way I could add as many campaigns as I wanted and never had to get a totally new website but only a new landingpage or a few landingpages. Better for me, better for Google.

    2.3 Content
    Make sure you have your most important keywords in your landing page but don't overdo it. Titel, headings and a couple in the rest of your body. Mark a few of the keywords bold. Your customers won't visit your website but it is important for your quality score and CPC. Include your phone number in case you have organic traffic you might be able to make a free sale as well. Stay updated on what Google Adwords appreciates in websites and try to adjust. It might save you money and increase your traffic.

    3.1 Adwords
    Cool, so you got your offer, got your website and angle and now it's time to set up your Adwords account. You can either use your own gmail to create an Adwords account or create a new email and Adwords account. You can use a proxy or not. The first time I didn't, if you use multiple accounts or after you get banned you'll have to (I kept my first account longer than 6 months).

    3.2 First steps
    I can explain it right here but I would just repeat what you can already find on YouTube. It's no rocket science, you'll just have to complete a couple of steps. Go to YouTube and look for pay per call adwords or something. Enough simple videos out there.

    3.3 Keywords
    Make a big list of keywords but stay close to the subject. This is the part that you'll have to test and update all the time. Some keywords will convert and some won't. Just start with a bunch of obvious ones and expand. Don't go broad. I preferred modified broad (+keyword1 +keyword2) or phrase match "keyword1 keyword2". Those got me the best results. You can use all kinds of keyword tools. I just updated along the way. Very big in PPCall are local keywords like +servicex +California or +servicex +Santa +Barbara. When choosing keywords think about what people would use to find your offer. Research is key. But don't keep on thinking too long, just start when you have set it all up.

    3.4 Negative Keywords
    Very very important. A good and long list of negative keywords (often 5000+) will save you loads of useless clicks. Start with words that suggest something free, provide information or have nothing to do with your service/product. Words like: Free, Information, Youtube, review, pictures, salary and many others lead to nothing but expenses. I did a drug rehab campaign once and had to include all the names of famous celebrities that went to rehab the past 80-100 years, but also job offers and rehab for all medical issues and a lot more. Update your negatives by analyzing your traffic.

    3.5 Quality Score
    Your quality score will determine how much you pay per click. This depends mainly on your website content/landingpage and adcopy. Create several landing pages per campaign and customize content.
    Any score above 4 is ok.

    3.6 Adcopy
    Keep it stupid simple. Make sure people understand they are going to make a call when they click.
    My standard ad would look something like this:

    Call Dentist Florida << Start with Call
    Looking for a Dentist in Florida? << make it a question or say something that draws attention.
    Free Referral Service - Call 24/7 << What you offer and a call to action

    3.7 Bidding
    Start low and slowly build up. You can start with 20% of what a qualified call will pay you.

    3.8 Ad position
    In my experience ad position 3-4 is ideal. People will read a bit first before they will call you. The first pages are for gathering info and not for taking action.

    3.9 Time
    Some services are used during daytime others after working hours. You can adjust your bidding accordingly. People will call Foreclosure Advice when they receive their mail or get back after work. Locksmiths are more a 24/7 service.

    4.1 Google Adwords Editor
    Download Adwords Editor and edit and upload new campaigns quick. This will make your live a lot easier and it was really bad i only discovered it after a few weeks.

    4.2 Contact Google
    I spoke a lot of people who were scared to contact Google. Don't hesitate for a second to call Google! They can help you a lot and give you loads of valuable info! Just make sure you have a believable story. Remember: they don't like affiliates, so come up with something that sounds good. I always said I had a company that generated calls for it's customers and they hired me to run their campaigns for them. They always bought it. The more you behave like a real company the more they will want to help you and the bigger the chance you'll be able to get back up after being banned.

    4.3 Free Traffic
    You can post your unique Phone Numbers where ever you want to. Be creative and enjoy free traffic. Blogs, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, just to name a few. Be Creative!

    4.4 Tracking
    Tracking has always been a bit of a problem for me. But you can add different phone numbers to different campaigns/ adgroups or advertising channels, so you have an idea what keywords perform well and where they come from. You start with 5 phone numbers but just ask your AM for more, I had several campaigns with 20+ phone numbers. I haven't used this but I just read a potentially great post on BHW: You can setup a phone number over at callfire and record all calls. You get a phone number from call fire, have it transfered to your affilate companies number and record all calls.

    After you have completed all steps above you are ready to go! Now it's time to start. If you follow the steps above it won't be long before you make you first bucks. I tried to keep it as short as possible, but if I missed something I am willing to clarify.

    Good Luck and Feel free to Reply!

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    Solid. I've done ppcall for the past few months and i'm looking to take it to the next level. I just made an account to reply to another ppcall thread, but I'd love to Skype with you as well. Thanks for your time!
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    Digital Marketer
    Google Adwords - Call only campaigns are great. I'm working on that for the past few months and got good results. Yet this doesn't suit for all kind of businesses. But for those for which this suits, it's working great.
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    We seem to be having a lot of such posts....good start for those unaware of PPC potential.
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    Very interesting topic. Thanks to writer. But I want to know, what's is traffic source?
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    great exposure on ppc
    would definitely try and mix up wid adwords
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    Thanks OP for the insight on PPCall.
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    I realize this is an old post but I've been researching PPCall recently and this was very helpful
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    Help - Help - Help - I guess I am to stupid!:(
    I simple don't understand the concept with PPCall and Affiliates.:confused:

    Step 1:
    a) you create a Google AdSense PPCall campaign (my business/my phone number)
    b) the PPCall Ad shows up - in the SERPS , right?

    If someone clicks the PPCall Ad in the SERPS... what's happening next?
    The lead (potential interested audience) is clicking my PPCall Ad - and if the campaign was setup correct,
    I should get the phone call from a potential new client, right?

    Google charges me according to the keywords and bids of my campaign - deal done?
    Is this right or wrong?

    Step 2:
    Now... if that's what I understood so far... how come that you can make money with PPCall and Afflilates?
    I am totally lost on this... and would love to understand this - I simple don't get it!

    Where and how can you implement Affiliates with PPCall?
    And why do I even need a Homepage for that?
    I could run a PPCall Ad in the SERPS just with a phone number, right?
    Or is this not possible?

    As you can see.. I am totally confused... feeling really dumb right now... damm...:(

    Thank you so much for any little help and explanation, I really appreciate that!o_O