[Tutorial] How to get your first $1000 on eBay as a Dropshipper

Don't customers get ticked off from 30 day or more shipping times from China especially now with covid situation? Also there are a lot of posts of people complaining that PayPal stole their money cuz they got caught dropshipping on eBay. Is this method safe?
There is something that i dont get about eBay>Aliexpress. When someone buy "my" product, i need to Go to Aliexpress, get the real product and shop it tô the customer Adress?

So, i need to list only product that i can afford to buy?

Sorry for this dumb question, but i never did this.
Do you keep the item location to your actualy location or do you change this to china? If you have this to your actual location, are you able to hit multiple countries with sales well or just your country of residents?

Great post, thanks. Taking action now!
It is better to list with your location instead of china.
What about avoiding suspension, etc? What do I need to do in this regard to make sure my account doesn't get suspended for dropshipping?
I bought IG professors course he is legit if you have a question you can ask me for free. I am doing this for full time I quit my job at ups.
I am from India, can i list products in ebay USA and dropship from China? Do i have to mention in my listing that products will be shipped from China?
In that case the customer will expect the product early also when it will be delivered it will have see shipped from China
Dude it is easy, I do not want to leak all the info for free and mess up business. buy the course and learn. You can do it.
What if I buy a stealth ebay account with high limits from the start? A limit of 1000 products for example, so I can create 5 products per day and keep the store active (as you pointed out the importance of this) for 200 days...is it worth buying a stealth account?
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