[Tutorial] How to get your backlinks indexed very fast

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    Step #1: Use Links2rss to create rss feeds of your links in bulk. You can paste as many links as you want into the interface. Then add spinnable titles and descriptions. Put any website url in for the rss feed link it really doesnt matter.

    Then click on convert and it will bring up the link of your feed or feeds. Right Click on the link and select properties. This will display the url of the newly created rss feed for you to copy.

    Step#2: Submit the feed or feeds to the rss aggregators in senuke or magic submitter. (If you dont have these tools you can do it manually) Make sure that you submit your feed to the feedlisting aggregator.

    Step #3: Go Over To Feedlisting and you will see your newly submitted feed on the front page under recently submitted feeds. Click On Your feed link and it will bring up the html page displaying all of your links. Copy that url.

    Step #4: Social Bookmark the html page on feedlisting that is displaying all of your links.

    Step #5: Go Back to links2rss and turn the public html page displaying your links into an rss feed. Click convert and then right click the link and select properties and copy the url.

    Step #6: Submit the new feed of the feedlisting html page to all the aggregators except for feedlisting.

    The next day you will see A good portion of your backlinks already indexed in google and the rest will be found within the upcoming days.
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    There is a thread on warrior forum with the exact same method, I think a lot of the rss sites stopped accepting links from automated feeds though.