[Tutorial] 200% White Hat Trick To Get All Your Forum Profile Backlinks Indexed!!!

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    Backlink Indexing

    "200% White Hat Trick"

    From so many days its been discussed in all over the world about "How to get your backlinks indexed" in a fast way?

    So many people have developed new ways of getting their backlinks indexed. But eventually they forgot about what they are doing, giving extra efforts which is useless and which is being monitored by major search engines. Some of them are as follows.

    # Using social-networks sites
    # Making a RSS feed and sumbit it to thousands of resources
    # Using identi.ca or twitter to get noticed
    # Using pingers to ping your site 60 times a minute
    # Making backlinks to existing backlinks
    # Making blogpost with your rss feed
    # Spam your existing links
    # Use facebook to get your links indexed
    # Use postoraus to distribute your backlinks to 10 well known blogs
    # Use high pr blogs to indexed your links
    # Making multiple youtube accounts pointing to blog with backlinks
    # Making youtube videos poiting to your rss feed
    # Use your rss feed on rss-feed accepted websites such as digg/twitter

    Doing so some of them are getting benefits but its again limited to some extend, with low successful rate about 10 to 15%. Because they are forcing google to index their links in a hard way.

    Lolz... Every Forum Profile Backlink is VERY VERY VERY Easy to get indexed. You just need to think out of the box and you'll be flooded with the some awesome ideas.

    I must say that this trick is being missed by 90% seos. Well some of IM gurus are using this trick silently because they know how to work and where to work. Just Follow the below steps and after reading this stuff you will find yourself very annoying and you'll feel like kicking your own a*s.

    "Always Collect The Golden Piece"

    Build PR 5,6,7,8 & 9 Forum Profile Links Only. Most of the forums holds high PR, so they are not hard to find. Building Low PR forum profiles links are completely useless if gold is waiting for ya.

    "Handle With Care"

    Do not spam these high PR forum profile links with bunch anchor text keywords in signature field. Use only 1 or 2 main keywords of your respected niche in signature. Your home page will always have space to put in the website section of the profile.

    "Paint Your Another House"

    Complete all the fields of your profile, Like Your Full Name, Upload Customized Avatar Pic, Put any Fake Phone no, Fake Yahoo, gmail login IDs & last but not least Fill your BIO.

    "Test & Review The Food"

    MOST important PART:- Find any active thread which is getting lots of replies from bunch of people, and post anything related to that thread. It very easy to do so, you can also copy paste 2-3 replies of other people on that thread. If you have more time to do more replies then you can do so.

    "Don't Take Overdose"

    Don't over do profiles links building. Having indexed hundreds of profile links from HIGH PR forums is equal to having thousands of partially indexed profile links from low PR forums.

    This is 200% sure and tested method by myself from last couple of years, this will help your backlinks indexing of your forum profiles guaranteed.

    If you like to the thread don't be lazy for pressing THANKS :cool:


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    Allright, i'm not saying you are wrong....
    However you are on an blackhat forum, people want to get as many links indexed with as little effort!

    Further, 50% of the forums aren't active.

    And i've seen tons of sites with only low PR links outrank sites with only high PR links.
    I also saw many sites with little high PR links outrank sites with lots of low-pr links.

    Tbh nothing nothing new in here, normally I don't mind these threads, however when one is ASKING people to press the thanks button for information that already was shared 1000 times, I can't help myself.
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    I think you didn't read the thread completely. I understand that people on the blackhat forum wants to get more in little efforts but with this method is to increase the success rate of backlinks indexing in small efforts only. Why I used small efforts? because you just need some about hundred backlinks and you'll beat someone with thousand of spammy links LOLz.

    50% forums are inactive if you finds thousand of forums... Just find some about hundreds forums and you'll find active ones... lolz

    The techniques has been neglected by most of people and they are running behind some crapy indexing methods and plugins.

    "Forum Profiles Backlinks Don't Need ANY EXTRA EFFORTS"

    Read the complete thread and post the replies.......lolz
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    Nice thread but as guy above said, these are shared throughout this forum.

    Only downside for me was end of the thread when you asked for thanks. I automatically hate threads that ask for that

    But still, hopefully some people shall read this and pick up some new tips for them to try
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    Good read but this info isn't anything new to SEO'rs.....you didn't talk about how they get indexed other than the fact that Google will pick them up as normal.

    Either way thanks for the refresher....some people should find this info useful if they are first starting out with forum profiles.