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    Messaging Friends
    Everyone wants to message their 'facebook friends', however facebook seems to want to block you from sending messages after you have sent x amount of messages, or they simply disable your account. I'm going to tell you of a few methods to bypass this.

    Method #1 - Using Events or Groups to send your messages
    Facebook allows you to create events and groups and invite your friends to both the groups and events. Events are seemingly the more efficient way to go in this, as you can literally send a message to all your friends without their interaction whatsoever, also events do not have a limit to sending messages.


    1. Create a facebook event.
    2. Invite ALL of your friends to it.
    3. *Go to your event page and click "Message Guests"
    4. Leave attendees as all, this will mean that even people who have not replied to your event invitation will receive your message.
    5. Type your subject and message as per usual.
    6. Click Send.
    7. Congratulations you have just sent a message to all of your friends and your account does not risk getting banned.
    *If you have a large amount of friends it can often take an hour or more for facebook to invite all of the friends to your event, you should see the "Guests" number rising and when it reaches the amount of friends which you have, proceed.


    1. Create a facebook group.
    2. Invite all your friends.
    3. *Message all members of the group.
    4. Congratulations you have just sent a message to all of your group members.
    *You might want to wait until a large amount of people have actually decided to join your group before sending the message, otherwise your message will only be sent to a few people.

    For the rest of this guide, and more on how to add friends please check out this post.

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