[TUT] How to find someone's Facebook IP Address! noob friendly

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    Step #1
    Head on over to #.com. This site will allow you to get a redirecting URL that tracks the IP of everyone who clicks on it. You will need to pass through a link to be redirected to. I would recommend simply using facebook.com as the link, since when the person sending threats clicks on the IP logger it will just redirect them to their facebook newsfeed, and likely won't draw any suspicion as to what is happening (even though you will have their IP already). All IP addresses appear in chronological order on the tracking link you get when you pass your URL through #. Just keep refreshing the tracking page and you will figure out which one is the person you want.

    Step #2

    Now sending a # link straight-up is a bad idea since they can just google the name of the site before-hand and see what it does. So to avoid this, you will want to pass it through a URL shortening site to make it look like something else. Go to hec.su and pass the URL through there. You will get a shortened URL. But don't send this just yet.

    Step #3
    The purpose of passing the link through hec.su is to be able to pass it through tinyurl. They normally block # links, so this is a quick work-around. The reason why I lovetinyurl for this is because it's a more trusted link, and you will be able to customize how it looks. Pass the hec.su link through tinyurl, and name it something that makes it look like you have picture proof of who the mysterious person sending threats is.

    Name it something along the lines of: ***********/*threatener's name*-proof-jpg

    Step #4
    Now when you get in a conversation with the person tell them you have figured out who they are, and they should do a better job of covering up their tracks next time. Then send them the *********** link, which will redirect to hec.sz, which will redirect to the IP logger #.com, which will finally redirect them to their facebook.com newsfeed. You will get their IP address, and they will have no idea what happened.

    Step #5
    I am assuming they are using a fake account and you want to get their location. Toss the IP address into infosniper.org and you can get a general location as to where they are. This will just give you a google map of the city that they are in, but chances are the other person does not know that so you can send them the picture zoomed out saying you have their IP and are sending it to the police. That should do enough to keep the person away.

    Once again thats a "noob" way of doing this, but it will work to get their IP address.

    1. Pass "facebook.com" through #.com
    2. Open up # tracking link.
    3. Pass the # redirecting link through hec.sz
    4. Pass the hec.sz link through *********** with custom name
    5. Send tinyurl link to creep saying you have proof
    6. Find their IP on the # tracking link
    7. Pass IP through infosniper.com to get location
    8. Scare them or whatever.