[TUT] How to find Niche related, HIGH PR blogs for guest posts using Scrapebox.

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    I have seen a couple of threads on bhw from guys that are willing to share lists of blogs that accept guest posts but they are actually trying to gather emails. I find that quite sad so I am sharing my method.

    • First of all, go to
    and pick your niche. Lets say that you pick gadgets.

    The url should be :
    • Thats only the first page. The second page is
    while the third is :
    and so on.

    • Open excel and in the first colument put the url up to the "-" or in other words :
    In the second column, input numbers increasing by one. In column C, use the concatenate formula (concatenate(A1,B1)) to merge the two cells.

    • You should know have all the urls from page 1 to page 589 (for this example). Open scrapebox and use the the link extractor addon to extract all outbound links. Use proxies and reduce the number of connections (I use 1 connection to avoid flooding technorati).
    • Copy all the urls and open the alexa checker addon that scrapebox has. Run these urls and filter everything that has alexa rank 500k or less (that's what I do). You can export the urls to filter them.
    • Then, grab the page rank and filter everything that has page rank lower than what you are looking for (I filter anything that has pagerank 3 or less).
    • Then, use the link checker function that scrapebox has and use "guest post" as anchor text.

    That's it! Go through the list and filter anything irrelevant (shouldn't take that long). You should have a list of real authority, high pr, blogs with actual visitors where its worthwhile guest posting. Post any questions if you have.

    Have fun!
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