[TUT]Getting The Most Out Of Your Scraping Keywords

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    I just wrote this on another thread but i thought it would probably be best if i started a new thread on it :)

    Instead of using the built in keyword scraper in scrapebox which generates basically the same keywords over and over with just a slight difference in each keyword, by using a program like keyword researcher or keyword n1nja you can get it to search for all phrases on google that end in for example "* in usa".

    Then use the find and replace feature in notepad to remove the "in usa" from all your results and you're left with many random phrases / words. This way your list of keywords is way more diverse than what scrapebox gives, since that seems to repeat the same keywords over and over with just a slight change meaning you're basically scraping the same url's over and over again.

    What i like to do then is delete all the keywords / phrases that i feel are going to bring up the same url's no matter what language they're in, phrases such as "honda hrr216vka" or "bmw 328i", head over to the google translate tool (http://translate.google.com/) and convert these keywords into some top languages like spannish, german, french, and italian, delete all dups, and scrape using these keywords which gives a lot better i.p diversity and generally finds less spammed url's to post on including a wide range of domain name extensions such as .de, .it, .es, etc [​IMG]

    When you throw all your keywords into the google translate tool, and hit convert there usually is some gaps between some of the converted keywords.. probably keywords it couldn't find a suitable foreign translation for. Just copy and paste the newly created foreign keywords and throw them in scrapebox and hit dups and it will sort it out for you, or hitting the "cleanup" button in keyword researcher does the same.

    If you want to scrape languages such as Arabic or Chinese that use a different style of writing than ours, you will need to install two free addons on scrapebox... Scrapebox ANSI converter and Scrapebox Unicode Converter. One is for converting the languages to a format scrapebox can work with, while the other is for converting the scraped url's to a format it can work with. I personally haven't bothered with any languages other than Spannish, Italian, German, French, and of course English :p

    Change your "* in usa" to anything you like such as "buy *" or "best place to *"and there you have it... Unique scraping keywords in less than a minute! :)
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    This is a pretty good tip. In my experience, the best results come from the widest range of unrelated keywords possible. Back in my heavy scraping days I used to scour for internet for lists of EVERYTHING (flowers, car models, countries, species of birds etc). I wouldn't usually get all the keyword permutations because, as you've seen, you can get 70% duplicate URLs. However, with this method I was able to get truly massive lists of unique domains.