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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Guddamit, May 15, 2008.

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    Alright. So the hacker deleted the last post I made on this issue, and I didn't have a back up either :)

    I'll put it this time as a question.
    How many of us (you) have purchased these so-called ready to run niche sites and actually made any money off them?

    If you recall I mentioned purchasing a 1300+ page ready-to-run website complete with SEO, Clickbank, etc etc. It was only for a few bucks, so I thought what the heck. I installed it, made the necessary personalisation changes like the clickbank ids and so on.
    Then I got to thinking that perhaps this was really a waste of time, like, how many other (gullible?) people had purchased this same website??? And would Google in their infinite power slap me around like an e-whore and rank my page at a low 73?

    My email box is regularly stuffed with these 'moneymaking' opportunities.. Niche sites, mini sites, glorified membership sites, sites galore it seems.. all that will run automatically as I sleep... Great!

    From what I understand SEO means unique website content. Am I correct in this? If it is, changing 1300+ pages of content will not be an overnight job :)
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    Well, in this kind of case, I'd recommend putting up around 10-15 unique articles scheduled to be posted in breaks of let's say 5 dupe articles.

    You could make a few pennies from AdSense and sell the site for around $100 or so, but ultimately the way forward is unique content.
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    If you just buy a turnkey site host it somewhere and wait the cash to drop in is not gonna work... You have to advertise it .. article submission , social site submission, back links.. .. updated content