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Turning Text into Vocal, best software and online tools

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by CeaseFireBlack, May 19, 2016.

  1. CeaseFireBlack

    CeaseFireBlack Regular Member

    Jun 10, 2015
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    anyone using one of those text => vocal to create youtube videos, i used on in my last video and it gave me a headache, something that is more like human, i tried doing vocals by my self, but i don't have best accent or mic so, such tool will help me alot.
  2. nandugan

    nandugan Regular Member

    May 24, 2009
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    Wordpress/PHP/Mobile APP
    Try Express Scribe.
  3. BreaknBrix

    BreaknBrix Power Member

    Mar 25, 2014
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    NE US

    Do NOT use text to vocal software. People hate it. It sounds like shit. It'll ruin conversions, traffic, attention span.... just don't do it. I've said this many times but my dissertation was on "The Mediated Influences of Sound on Emotion."

    Back then we didn't have the text2voc software like we have today. But what we do currently have is shit. Even the "good" ones are shit. And if there's 1 thing I learned it's how unbelievably sensitive peoples ears are to sound. We like to think we're visually oriented creatures but our ears are much more influential than we think.

    Maybe most people can't tell the difference between a synthetic piano, guitar, violin vs a real piano, guitar, violin. But during a performance you will FEEL the difference through indifference. And professionals can spot synthetic sounds like you can smell unflushed shit in a toilet. The point I'm making is real sounds INSPIRE people. I can play a piano melody right now with a synthetic grand piano. And you like it. But if I play that same melody with a real grand piano the hair on your back will stand.

    Let me reiterate so you really get this.

    A piano, guitar, violin, etc... from an engineering POV, these are some of the most SIMPLE sounds that exist. They're all synthetically derived from the 4 same building blocks: sine, saw, square, noise, etc. But STILL, in 2016, 99% of the synthesizers producers use (even great ones) can not accurately reproduce these very SIMPLE sounds.

    Which is why professionals and people like Hans Zimmer prefer ROM synthesizers. A combination of recorded, real sounds + a synthesizer. Omnisphere is a great example of this. ALL of the natural sounds in Omni, even with the best synth like sylenth... producers can't accurately reproduce these sounds.

    Back to voice. The human voice is at least 10,000,000xs more complicated than something like a piano or violin. Yet in 2016 we still need very expensive gear to produce very basic, but authentic sounds.

    So if professionals can't accurately reproduce a violin or guitar.... what makes you think we can come close to accurately reproducing the human voice?

    Even with ROMSYNTH text2voc capabilities (recorded + synth), even with me admitting that a couple sound pretty impressive .... they still sound like shit. We are still at least 100 years from coming anything close to an authentic human voice. The mere ability to shift your mood as you speak, or change tempo / pace, to invoke sarcasm, articulation, stacatto, frustration, happiness, akward..... take any mood, feeling or emotion you can think of.... no text2voc can do it.

    And since it's THOSE properties of our voice that influence people the most, you'd be far better off using an accent, stuttering your ass off, coughing, choking, vomiting as you speak than using text2voc.

    I have one last thing to say. Your brain, your vocal chords, your lungs.... all compose the most sophisticated computer that exists. For most of my life I've hated my own voice. I had a terrible habit of mumbling in highschool. People talk about voices dropping during puberty which makes kids insecure of their voice. At 29 years old when I first started doing voiceovers my voice still cracked. I still mumbled into the mic. I had problems articulating. People on YT told me I had a "thick accent" when my whole life not 1 person ever said that. Then I'd play back my voice and it just sounded HORRIBLE.

    So then I started taking voice over tutorials. I started listening to voice over artists. Sub'd to their channels. As I heard commercials on the tv I'd try to enunciate everything I heard. Even today I talk to myself and repeat commercials all the time. I do it in front of my family, friends, my dog, strangers, etc. People use to be like "wtf" but when you nail a voice and see peoples reactions... knowing how shitty your voice use to be I can't explain what that does to your ego.

    I started taking my mic out just to PRACTICE. I'd write a script. Then just record, delete, record, delete for hours day after day week after week month after month. Then I started mass producing videos. And if I posted my voice 4 years ago vs my voice today you would 100% believe they were 2 different people.

    I'll gladly post examples just ask. I know how many people are insecure about their voice and if I can change my voice the way I did anyone can do it. I learned many great tips but something as simple as going for a run before you record. That brightens up your voice a lot, it adds resonance, clearer articulation, makes your voice sound warmer... enhances lung capacity, etc. Downing water before you speak helps a lot. I usually drink 1-2 liters about an hour before recording. Another thing that helped was just learning how to quickly master my voiceovers. If you submit me a voiceover right now I'll master it in 5 seconds, reupload and you'll hear a dramatic difference. That may motivate you to get a decent $30+ mic and start practicing.

    And one final thing. This is not to brag but my voice has made me a good deal of money over these past few years. I use it on all my landing pages. When my conversions started exploding from 4-10% to 15-20%..... some videos as high as almost 30%.... I realized "damn, this is one of the most profitable skills I have now." Even if you never plan on charging anyone for your voice (like me) your voice can and will make you a small fortune if you learn to use it right. 99% of people refuse to take voice over lessons. They always need to outsource scripts or use shitty T2V software. When they do outsource scripts they're usually using fiver and even the radio pro's on fiver have no fuckn clue how to sell on social media. It keeps a lot of doors closed. Gives you no real room to experiment. 4 years ago I couldn't just throw a video together, upload it to YT and make money. Today I can. I can post videos on forums, on any of my sites, build a new site, build a following, direct people to my own custom video and voiceover done exactly how I want it done.

    And what's really sad, you can pay $25k+ to do a VSL for a product you're launching just to find out the VOA doesn't GAF about YOUR CONVERSIONS. You might get a super polished sounding voice.... but VOAs aren't focused on SELLING YOUR PRODUCT. They're focused on selling their own product (their voice) to you.

    I just can't recommend enough, no matter what your excuse that you learn to leverage your voice in every way possible. Because I don't have a rockstar voice, my scripts aren't always the best... but I know how to leverage my voice in a way that is highly influential and sells. IMy voice flys right under peoples radar, I get inside their brains sounding like an amateur, then I start tweaking knobs in their brain they don't even know they had. And a few mins later they're buying something they didn't know they want.

    So please, for the sake of mankind & your bank account, have some confidence and just go for it. If your voice is really that bad I'll tell you. There are people who's English is so bad they should never touch a mic. But there's far more people who's voices aren't like that and simply lack the confidence to practice.


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  4. multicolouredhat

    multicolouredhat Regular Member

    Jan 12, 2014
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    OP is going to be so Damn Demoralized by this Reply.