Turn Blind Traffic Into Targeted Traffic - Blackhat style for newbs

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    I know this has been done to death but a few newbs out there might want to know how to get thousands of uni a day and turn it into targeted traffic for any site. And i want to get my respect on BHW as a contributor and not just some dude trying to get his feet wet.

    OK, so you have 50 websites covered in google ads and CPA crap. You have your blog sites steeling the best RSS feeds known to man and have thousand of garbage pages waiting to be spammed out into search engines.

    How do you get traffic now...NOW! Here is a quick and easy way to use toplist sites to get you traffic.

    Step one:

    Make a gallery page with about 30 or so images of hot chicks in bikinis or whatever your into...and a flashy banner that catches the eye

    Step two:

    go to the big goo and ask where you can find top 100 or top 50 type sites for bikini sites or whatever your gallery is....

    Step three:

    signup for as many of them as you can and add their banners or text links to your gallery page

    Sub-note for step three:

    most of the "topsite" sites have a double cheater hater click deal...( i.e. a person clicks a link that takes them to a VOTE NOW link type thing )...and they suck for being so cautious of their incoming traffic so you will need to change their text link to something link "see more boobs here" or something cool...boobs are cool

    other topsites don't care and will give you a direct link with some sort of id or even a direct link with a custom image url. You want to find as many sites like this as you can.

    Step four:

    Now that you have a ton of toplist links you want to setup you page like this:

    1.) keep most of your thumbs linking to real images
    2.) make sure you have a visible link for every topsite you have signed up for

    For cool direct links that people just click one time and it counts as a vote do this:

    1.) change a few of the thumbnail links in you gallery from linking to real pictures to your vote URL

    2.) Test out to see if the site will let you iframe them into your page...if they will then do a 1px iframe at the bottom of your page ( some sites will not let you do this and will redirect to their site )

    For sites the give you a direct link (i.e. a href=www.somesite.com/ ) with a image that hold your id in it (i.e. img src=www.somesite.com/yourid.jpg) this is what you need to do.

    1.) add their full code to your page that way your site is calling the image file created. you can now put their URL anywhere on the page and it will count as a vote if clicked...have a few of your thumbnails linking to them...

    2.) Have a big NEXT with an arrow that links to one of your vote URLS

    For the ones that you click that go to a page that you need to click a vote now button or an enter button just give them a cool text link like I said before and don't bother linking to them from your thumbs...also watch for the ones who are not giving you traffic and trade them out for sites that are.

    After your page is setup with all of your links go through and start clicking your links...you count as one and this will get you on most of the lists just to start you off

    Next you want to find a few TGP sites ( ask the big goo for a few ) and submit your gallery page to them. and add their links to your page....

    after about a week you should be at the top of most of the lists and anything you have linked to should be getting some good traffic. The TGP sites should add you by then because you are sending them traffic before they send it to you and they like a good trade.

    Now the question is....how to turn all of this blind traffic into quality targeted traffic. The same way...

    now you have about 1000 uni a day going to your page...use the votes that are being generated to target sites.....

    sign up for topsites that are for your niche...

    if you have a political blog signup for lots of political topsites and add the link to your new traffic generator....

    methods can be changed but you get the idea...have fun newbs...feel free to post success stories...hope this helps you out
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    Thanks pappasaa for the information. I'm going to give this a try and see how this works out

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    New Zealand
    Good idea, you could also create the pages dynamically with php and have the pictures have a random chance of having a real link or a vote link. So the vote links would show up in different places each time the site loads. That way someone might visit, see a picture they like and click it to see it bigger, but next time they go back to look at it, it takes them to your vote page :)
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    Nice info. Would love to try this.
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    thanks will try this
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    BHW is my home
    Nice method here.
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    Thanks for the guide, really helpful stuff in here. You know any popular sites where you have signed up and tried this personally?
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    wow it is really a good idea!