Turd Words... Which is your favorite?

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    If you have never been on turd words then your truly missing out on some of the funniest shit ever.

    Youve obviously heard of dirty sanchez , steaming bull, strawberry shortcake, donkey punch, but have you heard of the lesser known but still priceless ones?!?! This site is full of em!


    Two quick examples (most are about sex, but i didnt want to post thoes incase of youngins...)

    Nagasaki A-Bomb, The

    Definition 1: When in the act of taking a dump in one of multiple stalls, (ie: Sporting events, Airports, Restaurants) an individual takes the stall directly adjacent to yours, while others are clearly available. Immediately after wiping, take a log of your own out of the bowl and throw it over the stall onto the overbearing and unexpectant neighbor. Before scurrying out of the john, flicker the lights a few times to emulate the power going out, then leave it off completely and run. Make sure to clean your hands later. [​IMG] Usage Example: I was taking a dump at the Jet game and some bastard takes the stall right next to mine and starts dropping some rank diarrhea. So I let him have it with the Nagasaki A-Bomb. That will teach that asshole.

    Afghani Gas Mask

    Definition 1: While placing your nuts onto someone's eyes, you fart into their mouth. For a horrible alternative, see Feed Bag. [​IMG] Usage Example: Stanley decided he needed a good Christmas card picture, so he got a picture of himself giving Guido the Afghani Gas Mask.
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    headlock Noun [​IMG] Definition 1: When a chick tightens her p**sy so tight, it feel like she put your d*ck in a headlock.