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Turbo’s Promotional Flyer and Graphics Method.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by turbohacker, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. turbohacker

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    Hello all, not posted anything of value for a while so here’s a method I have been using recently with some good returns. You need a small capital to get the ball rolling but once you get going you will start seeing some return. I’ve been running at about 100% ROI with this method, you can probably do 10-20% more depending on your pricing structure for your “service” (You see what I mean shortly)

    I have only used this method locally as I like to build good rapport with local businesses as it brings a lot of repeat custom, but this could probably work well nationally too. But in a nut shell this method involves selling flyer designs and flyers to businesses. Nothing new but this is my take on the method.

    Pick a Niche & Finding Prospects

    Now this shouldn’t be too difficult, all businesses need marketing whether they realise it or not. Any half smart business owner will know that without customers/clients they will not earn money, if they don’t know this they honestly shouldn’t be running a business.

    I like to look in the yellow pages, local newspapers, local magazines etc to find businesses that are advertising their business. They’re obviously on the ball (on some level) otherwise you wouldn’t find their ad. You can use Google too but I have never needed to.

    Local restaurant/food/takeaways are good areas to target. Make a note of their postal addresses and owner/manager names if possible. Try to get a least 50 (dependant on your niche)


    Okay so once you have identified potential prospects, you next need to locate flyer templates that are suited to your desired niche. For our example we will use food. A great website (depending on your ethics, this is BHW so I will post the website) to find free premium designs is http://bestgfx.com. It posts quality and premium graphics on a regular basis.

    Next go to the Photoshop>Flyer Templates category and start browsing for templates to use. You can use the search function at the top right hand corner too, I tend to use queries like “[niche] flyers” or “[niche] template” or “GraphicRiver [niche]” … be creative and you will some gems. Here are some examples:


    Once you’ve found a good selection of flyers download them. I personally have a premium ul.to account so downloads take seconds. You can download free from the file hosts, most of the graphics have 3-4 mirrors so you can download 3-4 graphics for free without having to wait.

    Amend and Print:

    The next step is to amend the flyers and add things like “your business here” and “increase your sales” … you know … the usual stuff you see on sales flyers. Just make sure you edit the contact details to your contact details. Be creative too, you really want the potential customer to really want this product and your service.

    When you’re happy with your flyer, get it printed. I use a local printing company as I can order and collect in person, but you can find one on Google. I usually get 100 printed (double sided) at A7 and it costs me £25. You can probably get it cheaper if you shop around but I use a local company as it is literally round the corner and I can collect the same day should I order in the morning.

    Pitch Price and Send

    Once you have your flyers, you can now send them to your potential customers. Make sure you write up a nice, short but sweet cover letter letting them know why they need your service. I like to cut out the ad and send it along with cover letter informing them that their ad will likely bring little or no return considering the amount of other ads/listings it was sat next to. That really adds to the effect.

    Also detail your costs in the cover letter. I price the flyer based on design only, and on design plus printing with delivery (we can purchase this from our printing company, and since I offer my service locally I can hand deliver, cutting out delivery costs). Here is my pricing:

    Design Only: £49.99
    Design + 500 Printed Flyers: £89.99
    Design + 1000 Printed Flyers: £104.99

    I hardly make any profit on the flyer printing; it just adds value to the service. If you find a cheaper printing service you can probably increase your margin here, just make sure you do not compromise the quality of the flyers. If you provide a good service, your customers will buy more from you!

    Once you’re happy with your pricing, pop your cover letter along with your flyer into an envelope and send them to your clients. In the UK a 1[SUP]st[/SUP] class stamp is 60p and 50p for a 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] class stamp. You can get 100 envelopes on eBay for £5 and sending 100 letters is £50 (or £60 for 1[SUP]st[/SUP] class, it doesn’t really make a difference, 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] class is just as good as 1[SUP]st[/SUP], not sure about international shipping)

    Sit back, wait then rinse and repeat

    Let the postman do his job and wait for the phone calls/emails to come in. This method won’t make you a millionaire but it can bring in some extra pocket money. The reason I like and use this method is because it allows me to build rapport with my customers and opens a door for upsells… ie… SEO.

    Think outside the box

    There are many things you can add to this method that can improve the value of this service and if you see fit, the price too. One example I started to implement a few weeks ago is adding QR codes. If they have a website, stick QR code on the flyer too. I also created a landing page on my website that has 10% added to all of my prices, I then offer them a 10% discount for say 48 hours only. This creates a sense of urgency whilst not compromising my profit margins. I then use my landing page URL as the QR code and drop the information of that offer in my cover letter. Hopefully they will scan the QR code and direct to your landing page. This also opens doors to online payments

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy and earn from this method. Any questions then fire away :)

  2. turbohacker

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    Jul 27, 2010
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  3. karibo

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    Jan 30, 2010
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    Top of YOUR girlfriend
    I've read it. And indeed its not a bad method you can scale this hard!

    Thanks for sharing ;)
  4. bronzodriace

    bronzodriace Junior Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    Hi turbohacker
    i am about to start something similar to your method..but in BIG.
    I am looking for a partner for a project.

    I built a scraper of: templatemonster,videohive,themeforest,graphicriver

    We can build a website that shows all of this theme and with markup the price for a customization.
    I think this can get good money. what do you think?

    I can skype you if interested.
    Hope you are!:)