Turbo Traffic Tactics for a brandnew site ;)

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    Hey guys,

    I've just launched a brandnew website and before I monetize the site I want to make sure that it receives at least 1K unique visitors per day. The site is a wordpress site with 50k posts and about 1k tags. It's auto-generated content, custom-made by myself and it already received about a 1000 Google bot visits after just a few days. Enough said about the site.

    In the next few months I want to start my traffic tactics for this site to get to my goal of 1000 unique visitors per day and therefore I want to refresh my list of traffic tactics. Here is the stuff I'm planning to do. If you want to add your ideas, please do ;) If you learned something from the tactics, please thank me.

    1. Link directories. Go to h**p://info.vilesilencer.c0m/ and download the list of seo friendly directories. Submit the site to all the directories. I've been using this list for a few months now and previous versions of the list contained about 500 directories. Use spun descriptions and titles (rewrite 50% of the text). I will outsource this work because it's just too boring ;)

    2. Quickbacklinks. There are a lot of sites out there collecting info about your site. When you visit the site and add your domain name most of the time an url will be generated like this h**p://site.c0m/yoursite.c0m. The trick is that you can just visit this latter url and your site is added to their database. Think big and collect a large list of these sites (I already have a collection of about 50 of these sites). There is also a tool available on BHW to visit all these sites and the tool also includes a basic list of these sites

    3. Angela and Pauls backlinks. Don't know if this is efficient anymore. Found a service on BHW which does this manually and I think I'm going to try that one out ;)

    4. Forum posting. I was thinking of outsourcing this ... search for a few hundred related forums, create the accounts and drop a few posts. After a few weeks add the link to the profile. I don't have experience with xrumer but I think xrumer would be more efficient. Have to do some research here ;)

    5. Press release. After a few months I will release a press release via prweb.com.

    6. Twitter. Auto-publish once per day

    7. Facebook. I will develop a basic FB application which is basically a page with the latest articles on my site. Nothing fancy ...

    8. Other Web 2.0 websites (reddit, digg, stumbleupon, delicious, etc). Outsource the account creation. Will add site-related info to these accounts later on.

    9. Heard a lot about scrapebox but haven't used it yet ... going to do some research on it.

    10. will be added when I get some extra inspiration ;)
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    Great post. Now this is all stuff you can find in the forum, but it's a summary of what you should do to build backlinks. However, try and edit this post and get to the point. What works and what doesn't? If you don't know, don't post :) Angels and Pauls backlinks do definitely work by the way.
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    Scrapebox is really good to,you should buy it ;)
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    Building Massive Backlinks and dominating SERPs
    new website with 50k posts and 1k tags??
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    this looks promising