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May 31, 2014
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Hi , and thanks for reading my experience , i am creating this post in order to share the truth with you.
I had some experience those days with this "Try something else, that one is spoken for." , but i notice something very strange .!

I tried to take one blog with 870k traffic, 549k in alexa ranking and very good stats, that has been closed before 2 days with the classic 404 error page or else "There's nothing here." .

When i try to register it , it pop's this window "You've reached your daily limit!" i re-change account's and try it again , when i face the "Try something else, that one is spoken for." message , then i start realize that something isn't right .

You see i didn't register any blog today or yesterday with the account that pop's this message "You've reached your daily limit!". And i didn't use this account for anything . , Now that i am writing this post i still can't register any blog becouse as tumblr says i have reached the daily limit. - And isn't the first time , nore will be the last .

When you trying to register a blog that its a good one , at least to Tumblr eyes , they kept information for this blog , and they forbid anyone to take it . - Its very natural a big blogging site like tumblr want some help to find new good blogs that are closed. There are millions of blogs so even for tumblr its not easy to crawl and re-crawl them all the time.

Now , what they do with those good blogs , its something that i cannot say for sure , but in my opinion most likely they sell them in the market . Tumblr is a big site that have many people to work for them, its not hard to think that some poeple take advantage of the situation and they selling those blogs for personal incomings.
Now the questions is , that happens with Tumblr blessings or not .
Tumblr is quite sensitive to spam and ip addresses, perhaps that could be the reason. Also some expired accounts may not be available to register still.
Are you even using proxies? You can't expect to register 50 accounts from the same IP and expect them to stick. They will get removed pretty fast.
Are you even using proxies? You can't expect to register 50 accounts from the same IP and expect them to stick. They will get removed pretty fast.
I don't need to use any proxy , we have dynamic router here , every restart is a new one ip , but this is not the problem.
I didn't register any account with this ip or do any backlinks at the present time that i try to register the blog . I even look up my ip after that to be sure if its marked as spammy or scamed, before post here my theory.
I know what to expect , but i didn't see that coming. Yeah Tumblr , keep it that way .!
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