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Tumblr Strategy

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by eviltomato, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. eviltomato

    eviltomato Regular Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    EDIT: Just found out that PRTrafficbooster is not being sold on the website anymore, but still works perfectly. You can do the same thing with Xtumblebot, but it has a monthly sub.

    Here is the NSFW tumblr strategy that I have working on for the past few months.. Hopefully it will help people get started. I do use a few products and will list them... Am not promoting them.
    You may have other products that will do the same job.. but for instructions sake I will use these:

    1. My own domain and hosting
    2. PRTrafficbooster
    3. PRHarvester
    4. Easyredirectscript
    5. "Yet Another Duplicate File Remover" - Free
    6. Flexible Renamer (or any other batch file random renamer) - Free
    7. Tumbleripper - Free (but you can donate to get a better version)
    8. Batch Purifer

    Also for instructions sake we will assume that I like BBWs... which of course I do!
    First thing to do is decide on an adult niche. I decided on a 2 word niche which also has a few hundred longtail keywords. Lets go with Sexy BBWs.

    Set up your tumblr account and purchase domain
    Set up a tumblr account(or 20) that has some resemblance of your keyword. I opted to make the tumblr page look really good and custom with a nice header image and some categories using the /tagged/ feature. My categories are Home, Favorites, Tits, Asses, Pussies.
    My pretend tumblr page is inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    Purchase a domain that at least partially has your keyword in it and set it up with hosting. Let's pretend I bought ilovefatchicks.com

    Install and set up redirects
    Install easyredirect script on the new domain. Set up about 5 redirects that point to the root of your tumblr page and a redirect for each of your categories. You will then have some redirects like this:
    ilovefatchicks.com/fat1 -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    ilovefatchicks.com/fat2 -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    ilovefatchicks.com/fat3 -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    ilovefatchicks.com/fat4 -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    ilovefatchicks.com/fat5 -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com
    ilovefatchicks.com/fav -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com/tagged/fav
    ilovefatchicks.com/tits -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com/tagged/tits
    ilovefatchicks.com/ass -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com/tagged/ass
    ilovefatchicks.com/tits -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com/tagged/tits
    ilovefatchicks.com/pussy -> inlovewithfatchicks.tumblr.com/tagged/pussy

    Get content
    Look on tumblr and find a bunch of niche related blogs. Inspect them and make sure that they are posting good content. Copy their urls into a txt doc.
    Download tumbleripper and launch it
    Input all of the blogs you found and rip all their content into 1 directory. For mine I ripped over 100k images.

    Prepare your content for posting
    Go to the file directory and sort it by size. Remove anything that is under 50k.. remember we want good pictures and not small stuff that's stretched and resized to fit the screen.
    Install Yet Another Duplicate File Remover and target that directory. Have it search and remove duplicate files. Due to reblogs and you ripping from a bunch of different blogs you will have a ton of duplicates. Expect to lose about 30% of your content from the program purging duplicates.
    Install Flexible Renamer and have it rename all files to whatever you want.. and then shuffle them. All we want to do is rename the default name and have it shuffle them around so that they are not in sync from the download.
    Install batch purifier and have it remove all metadata.
    Create a directory that you can point the autoposter at.
    Go through a few of your images and remove the junk... cut and paste about 500 of them to the directory you created. As prtrafficbooster uses the image it will then move those images to a "used" directory. Every few days go to your image folder, sort through a few more, remove the junk.. paste to the directory.
    Eventually you will have thousands of images in the used folder. Once you run out of images you can either find more, or cut them out of the used folder and recycle them through the program.

    Get your keywords
    Yes there are many tools to get keywords, but this is free and quick for what I want.
    Search for your adult keyword. Export the 800ish keyword recommendations into a spreadsheet. Go through them and remove anything unrelated. I say this because I didn't do it one time and I had a lot of stupid stuff. Example... If you have a blog on hairy chicks.. you don't want keywords like "men shaving their asses" lol.
    Goal here is for search engines to see text on the page for all kinds of different keywords as well as tumblr searches.

    Set up PRTrafficbooster
    Not giving a lesson on how to use the program. If you have it... you can use the devs videos as they are pretty good.
    And yessssss I know there are many programs out that automate tumblr blogging and I have tried many of them... Prtrafficbooster has just ended up as my preferred weapon.
    I will let you decide on proxies. If you are only doing 1 blog then they are not needed.
    Advanced Settings
    1. General - Input your keyword list, Set tags to 5-5
    2. Url - Input your 5 redirects that point to the root of your blog ilovefatchicks.com/fat1 - fat5
    3. Image Video Upload - Select your directory of images
    4. I take it easy with my blog.. I set the Delay to 900-1100
    Let it rip!

    Find an affiliate
    Find an adult site that is in your niche and get set up with an affiliate account (I guess this probably should have been a step at the top of the list). I prefer to use an affiliate that provides content for you to use. My 2 favorites are scorecash and atkcash.
    There are a lot of ways you can use their content. I download all of their available content and then find the best pic of each model and save it. I then upload about a 100 pics to my website.
    Go back to easyredirectscript and create a redirect to you affiliate link.
    Then grab one of the affiliate banners and stick it at the top of your page linking to your affiliate redirect. Under that make a small blurb about the page and say that clicking on a model will take them to "insert affiliate site". The reason we use a landing page is so that the affiliate will have less of a reason for banning you : )

    Make the tumblr page look real
    Check your mass post edit page each day. Look at the images and bulk add the tags so that they are added to your category pages. Only do this to images that are awesome. You want people to go back to those tag pages frequently. tits, asses, pussies, etc

    Flip the redirects
    Once you think that you are starting to get some decent traffic... go to ezredirectscript and change the redirects and make those first 5 redirects start pointing to the root of your domain so that they see the affiliate landing page instead of tumblr.
    You can look inside of ezredirect and your affiliate redirect and see how many people click through and hopefully "crosses fingers" purchase subscriptions.

    Info on redirects
    The reason I had you create 5 of them is so that you will have the option to point a few of them back to your blog to keep getting more and more traffic... or you can point them to whatever you want. You can keep the tagged redirects pointing to those pages or you can flip them to your affiliate page also.
    Just ALWAYS use redirects if possible. It gives you the option to flip traffic from blog to blog. I had a blog get termed a while back because of something stupid that I did. I created a new one and temporarily flipped the redirects on my other blogs to boost the new one and it went up in followers super fast.

    There are lots of ways to monetize tumblr, but I chose subscription based because it is residual. A lot of people forget to cancel subs from their credit cards : )
    Makes it a lot easier if you decide to use a niche that you actually enjoy. Makes it fun working on your blog because its porn.. who doesn't like porn?
    My main blog is not that big.. only about 10k followers. I am getting about 1 signup a day = $15 a day, but remember that you get paid on rebills : ). So if you can get 1 person each day and half of them keep rebilling it can add up very fast.

    Now I just hope I didn't leave anything out
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  2. akssiv2007

    akssiv2007 Power Member

    Jul 11, 2013
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    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
  3. Worm99

    Worm99 Regular Member

    Jan 12, 2012
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    Nice tutorial but there are some things that I noticed
    1 - I thought prtrafficbooster was dead
    2- If you redirect your tumblr will be dead as soon as you say "banhammer" so you need to play it a bit smarter.
    3-I think it's better to use Crakrevenue or something like that instead of direct affs.Just my opinion.
  4. eviltomato

    eviltomato Regular Member

    Mar 27, 2012
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    I just looked and did not realize that his website said it wasnt being sold anymore : ( Kinda lame that i just wrote a tutorial around it. Software still works perfectly.

    Honestly you can do everything with xtumble, but last i checked xtumble only lets you use 1 tag instead of 5... and its a monthly sub where prt was a 1 time.

    Maybe i am in for a ban and iv just been lucky. Been doing this with 5 account for about 4 months now. Each one redirecting to its own domain and no bans yet.

    My one account got banned because i was using the viral xtumble script in a very unsmart manner.

    I have never tried any other ways for revenue. With the others do you have banners on the page? or just drive people to cam sites.
  5. Roshaen

    Roshaen Elite Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Please Pray For My DAD
    I would also suggest you take a look a mindmaster's high pr tumblr blogs.
    Purchase some high pr 2 adult blogs from there as its just $2 and it will already have some good back links,all you need in contentand some monetizations to start generating decent traffic.
  6. Worm99

    Worm99 Regular Member

    Jan 12, 2012
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    If you ask me, I don't have banners on my tumblr blogs. I use clickthrough link to get them to my paysite. Banners are also risky, if you place them directly on the blog you get banned soon.
  7. keywordspot

    keywordspot Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Dec 17, 2013
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    contenu visuel
    At Hill Station
    Nice tutorial. Do you have any stats about strategy ?