Tumblr PBN Questions: Articles or reblogging? 404 redirects etc.

Discussion in 'Tumblr' started by anauticax, May 1, 2016.

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    Apr 30, 2016
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    Hi there guys.
    I'm brand new to BHW, but been reading quite a bit from here.

    My setup is: main money site, social accounts and branded tumblr site for the main site.

    I'm setting up 50+ expired Tumblr's where I am reblogging, following, liking etc. to make the blogs look more natural. Now I want to send linkjuice from these web 2.0 properties but still have a few pending questions in order to proceed in the best way.

    So what would be the best thing versus the 2nd best thing?
    • Post a unique article on my branded Tumblr blog pointing to the money site or article there. Reblog that article to all or some of the 50+ expired Tumblr accounts?
    • Create 500+ word unique article and spin it several times and post it directly on the expired Tumblrs?

    In my head I lean towards reblogging one article, and maybe it will be picked up and reblogged by others and send some love towards the branded Tumblr site and the article itself. Or am I wrong here?

    I have added a snippet of code to redirect 404 traffic on each expired tumblr to the frontpage of the expired tumblr.
    • What effect would it have if this 404 traffic is redirected to my money site instead?

    What about the links within an article to the main site. They turn up as redirects. Are they still do-follow or no-follow?

    So far I have done all this manually through VPN etc. Is there a good way to manage/automate the 50+ (potentially 500+ in the future) expired tumblrs in order to minimize the amount of time to reblog just one article?

    Appreciate all the input you can provide.
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    Don't bother posting articles on Tumblr. Those guys won't care.