Tumblr Hidden Cookies in Mozilla.

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    So I buy this Tumblr Jazz software, which by the way has been hell. It has a mighty learning curve to it w/developers of it not giving instructions with Video for very small things like loading these so called json html files and a total array of other things that I can't find tutorials to, Ive had this for 3 to 4 months now and have to ask on the forum every time I have a problem. in which I had nothing but problems with it, Can't even use the same thread you start out making because you have a problem or can't figure things out, so each new problem you then need to create a new forum post, this protocal then gives 2 days time to the 1 employee company Root Jazz as to not answer peple immediately. A big problem that I have with this is that loading your pop3 emails < the developers did not specify what kind of txt file is needed nor there are no demos of how a txt sheet, notepad or wordpad file alike should be formatted as to be loaded into the email list, using them for registration. For example when you try to load these emails < in tthe menu that pops up only thing that comes up is "file name" < nt the file type. Ive loaded a excel file with sperate columns, after this didnt work Ive loaded a notepad file with spaces between the values of EMail, Pass, Ip port etc and so fourth. STill nothing, so in a fit of rage and anger I fucking loaded 50 pop3 emails by hand cause I was on a deadline < that i didn't end up meeting and am currently in shaky waters with my partner concerning our project all because of the learning curve with this software, with him thinking I'm taking my sweet precious time. and basically not doing anything or working for the past 2 weeks.

    Now to my problem, I created just under 50 accounts for the particular NIche I'm in. Before creating these roughly 50 accounts, i test ran the software and ran the command "create accounts" on 4 accounts.

    These 4 acounts worked < loaded different themes, put the proper title and description in the profile it was meant for, but on the other hand I had thought that the base file where the avatar and header images were that it would act in the order I set it within the folder < basically pictures and headers by order they were placed into the file seeing is there is no clear cut way to set these things < there probably is but there is no tutorial which Ive looked for.

    It sais to seperate the blog description and title for different accounts using this token ***. I did that but, seeing is I didnt know how to load the username I wanted each attributed blog title and description placed to, it then fucked up for all.

    So right now I'm sitting with 50 tumblr accounts that have the wrong avatar, header, title and description. I thought I could save time with this software but ended up costing me more money, time and possibly my partnership.

    So at the very least to make up for this problem, I try switching themes since in teh demo run 4 accounts got 4 different themes. But what this software did was load 1 fucking theme for all 50. I then try to use the same protocal as before, the simple set your tumblr theme directly and have at random a tumblr theme to be picked. Its constant failures and error logs when I even try to put legit html code into a notepad file, the software tells me error could not load the theme, but in different words ofcourse. Basically before with tehse 4 accounts < this program read html notepad files correctly. Now it outright won't when I try switching the theme....Or designating what directory with a number of tumblr themes specifically 50 themes that I paid someone to find good ones.

    So now to where I am at the moment. Seeing is this sofware is refusing to upload themes. I then downloaded a proxy switch and user agent switch as to hide myself for tumblr, stopped accepting cookies but quickly found out that you have to have cookies on in order to surf with tumblr or to use it. So i turend it on.....
    CHanged 1 account's theme....
    I then clear cookies within mozilla.
    Then turned it off to see if I would get a login now page, did that.
    So to just be sure, after I turned it off went to tumblr to test if I get a dashboard link, I got a login now page. < expected.
    So for shits and giggles to be safe, I changed proxy to an acount that uses it on tumblr, try to then match up current display settings that account has. after I cleared cookies, i then turn cookies back on.
    Then I get the dashboard....... to previous account, despite looking in cookies finding nothing that sais tumblr only said google......
    Even when I clear cookies several times...... Still takes me to dashboard of original account that I fixed....

    My question is, what else is tumblr using to track other than cookies? Java? Something else?

    I'm guessing tumblr uses whatever there doing as to make martkerters feel snug and smug that they won't be caught despite people clearing there history, cookies, remember me settings and everything else.

    I believe the ban hammer is coming soon for my accounts since they all look fishy as fuck with wrong title descriptions, wrong blog info, wrong pictures for avatar and header matched up in wrong blogs, so 50$ in proxies was wasted....My time wasted, which btw is the most valuable asset i have in this project...

    I dont know what to do here and am not seeing a way out in terms of I can correct the issues the software made and will have to spend another 50 on proxies, which Im pretty poor with some missing front teeth
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