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Tumblr- CS and Affiliate monetization

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by cweezyf, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. cweezyf

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    Nov 19, 2012
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    Okay, first off - I am semi-new here. I have lurked this forum for almost 2 years and have to say some resources here have proven effective, if not invaluable. I'm grateful there are so many knowledgeable and patient minds here (mixed in amongst a few fools) for me to bounce my ideas off of.

    Here is my situation- any criticism much appreciated.

    In my experience Tumblr is for girls, except a few guys looking for porn. So girls like fashion... duh. I got into a fashion based affiliate program, and found a good niche to build my blog around. This equals targeted traffic, right? Anyway, Using lots of automated methods I have built this blog up to a healthy amount of followers, gaining between 30-100 more followers a day. When I felt I had enough followers I began making direct product links, with little reviews or something like "Like this product? Click here and get it 20% off," etc. When I started this I began making a few conversions. But girls are picky, and doing it this way takes a loong time. Im getting tired of doing it this way..

    I know not much about CS'ing, what I do know is what everyone says not to do. Don't draw attention, keep CTR down, don't use easy to detect methods, etc. And once it works. don't get greedy. Right?

    Well tumblr is kind of interesting. A regular user has a dashboard with a "news feed" similar to FB. Different from FB, on Tumblr there are custom themes where html is customizable, and javascript *can* be used. So as I have tested, CS can be employed on your OWN blog page, with a few edits to your html. I have been using the probably easy to get caught way. With my shortened aff link in an IMG tag at the bottom of the page, that redirects first thru a different, whitehat blog. To keep ctr down I found a script to randomize images so it stuffs less than half of my visitors. But not everyone visits my page. I'm sure theres a better way, but I'd like to forgo this option all together, if what I'm about to ask is actually possible.

    Like I said I don't know javascript, and very little html. But html DOES show on any users dashboard, including those XX,000 followers you may have. Using Amazon as an example, I make a post about this great product on "Amazon", and instead of saying "click this link because im an affiliate and I want a cut" -which most people will not, I have a nice little CS script underneath and give them a direct link to "Amazon". Sans an ugly aff ID. I get credit for MY work, they don't cut me out, AND - If they happen to go to "Amazon" later ( this IS targeted traffic) I'll get a commision anyway :) This seems like whitehat CS, if not for that last part. Again I'm not CS'ing Amazon.

    My REAL question comes here. Since this all happens on their dashboard, the referrer isn't blank or spoofed- it is the Tumblr Dashboard. Using their IP. Does this make sense? I must be missing something right? I really want to try it, but I need help getting that CS script functioning inside of a post on someones dashboard. Also, I think it would need to be adjustable for CTR..

    Didn't mean to write a book - But any successful CS'ers wanna chime in?