Tumblr + CPA Journey to 50$/day

Will i hit it?

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Aug 15, 2014
About me

I'm currently on Instagram and FB traffic and I want to try out Tumblr since it has a lot of 18+ users in niches I usually target. I have tools for automation and my own twist on creating unlimited quality accounts. So I guess I will make something out of this, *crossed fingers*!

Experience in Tumblr

I don't know anything about Tumblr Marketing at all, used it like 3 years ago for my personal needs to post those bit*hes/lean/cash pictures lmao. I believe Tumblr is something that wasn't explored enough so I will go and dominate it!


Tool/Accounts - 0$
Hosting for LP - 10$


Will not reveal it so do not ask or PM please guys. Find your own twist and niche, it's not that hard!

  • Created one high quality PV accounts, will profile it and fill it with pictures.
  • I won't just repost, i will download pictures from niche related Instagram Profiles then post on my Tumblr profile with my own descriptions.
  • Will try to figure out algorithm of ranking hashtags out there.
  • Setup the landing page for niche.
  • Will play around with settings.
  • Will do Follow/Unfollow method.
Good luck on your journey, just check your mail from time to time for any copyright complaints, all your work is gone at the third report.
hey bro goodluck on your journey! keep us updated and also can you provide the automation tools that you said?
Good Luck!

I have a question for you.

You obviously want to drive traffic to your website.

Where are you putting the link so that people can post? And does it appear as a hyperlink?
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