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Tumblr and adult content

Discussion in 'Tumblr' started by bigmansyndrome, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. bigmansyndrome

    bigmansyndrome Newbie

    Jun 30, 2017
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    Hey guys,

    Been exploring the options of using tumblr to promote my website.
    Today I ended up on a competitors website and saw they had a tumblr and twitter link on their homepage. When i clicked on the tumblr link i got a message saying that the page couldn't be found..

    Claimed that baby within 30 secs and the link on my competitors website (50k unique visitors) now links to my tumblr page :D
    Thought a second about what i should do with it. Fill it up with nazi propaganda (cause why not?) or adult content (my industry)
    Chose for the 2nd option and reblogged some naked chicks.

    The page has a PA of 29, so hoping it will be of use... just trying to get my head around a good Tumblr strategy.

    Also a question about Tumblr. Perhaps one of you guys might know the answer.
    I tried to upload a movie of a girl dancing ( no nudity) and within 5 mins i received an email from tumblr saying it was against their content policy. Found it weird, cause if there is one thing present on tumblr its adult content.
    Changed the settings to adult, but it still wont let me post that movie...any thoughts what it could be? The movie ( <2 min) does not contain nudity. Some i am a bit confused as to why it has been rejected.
    Any suggestions?
  2. infoasian

    infoasian Supreme Member

    May 12, 2011
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    No sexual movies allowed on tumblr, it does not matter if nudity is involved or not. there are ways around it, but you need a lot of patience, build up tumblers over weeks and months.
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