TubeIncreaser performance lately.


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Dec 4, 2008
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Anyone notice a bit of degraded performance with tubeincreaser lately? Views not racking up as quickly as before and about 10% of the total views being registered on YT. Tried updating proxy list, using a proxy list generated by Access Diver, all no go. Just wondering, not freaking out.
My tubeinator has been exhibiting similar behavior lately.
I think I need a new version:D
I've noticed the same problems lately also. I just have to run it more to get the views I want. I found the latest version right here in the forum. Proxies are almost worthless. I find and check my own. I'm thinking about trying tube thunder. Downloaded the demo yesterday and will fire it up this weekend.
I'm trying the demo of Tube Thunder now, using there offshore feature without proxies to see if there lying and how well it works, I should have a super-mini review coming up in 6-12 hours.
Wow, I know of a much better youtube increaser that counts every view. I bought it 3 weeks ago from a member on bhw and have used it every day with 95% accuaracy... 10,000 views a night.. (At my request, not the programs).

looking for a better one then pm me!
I have noticed the same thing. I may just buy tubespinner
I use tubebooster and tor, works just fine for me, about 10k views a night
I use tubebooster and tor, works just fine for me, about 10k views a night

I have not used tubebooster views feature with any success. Care to share your methods with tor. I have tor already never used it for tubebooster views.
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