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    I am submitting videos to the tubes, same tubes different videos, so, I want to automate the process by using iMacro (or any other scripting language), and using a variables for the title, description, and an uploaded file location on the hard drive. This way the macro (or the script) will stay the same and replacing a corresponding lines in a CSV file will take care of the new values for those 3 variables. BTW, as far as I know there are exactly 3 variables allowed in iMacro (if I am not mistaken) :)
    I would think that the best way will be to open a new tab for every new upload, this way we don't have to wait for a previous upload to finish.
    I will send you the list with 27 tubes and I would like you to make sure that the macro will include them all (with 2 second "waits", so I'll see what's happening). Those tubes probably use the same few scripts, so, it will be necessary to test just the ones that use different scripts.
    Some upload buttons in some tubes are done in flash, or there might be different scripts used for that, so, some extra scripting within that macro might be needed.
    OR it might be not iMacro altogether. Whatever script will do the job will be good.
    Please write back (here or PM) with your qoute on price
    I'd prefer to pay you through the PayPal.
    Thank you
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    Take a look at WinAutomation (get in DL section)... it does everything you want and you can have as many variables as you want...

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