Trying to sell your "How to Create a Blog" guide? FREE Venture to Increase your Sales

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    The Venture:

    Are you having difficulty trying to sell your "How to Create a Blog" system to newbies?

    No worries, I will encourage them to buy your system by offering them good $ once they use your system to create the blogs!

    The Benefit:

    Increase Your Sales For Free By Working With Me

    Many newbies who have just entered to the blogging world is really interested to get something started and earn some fast cash, but to most of them, their main problem is on "how to monetize the blog". Most of them is having trouble monetizing, and earning peanuts.

    I'll be their source of encouragement. I'll offer them a guarantee amount of cash once they produce useful blogs. So by providing them this information that there is guarantee cash, they will be more interested to buy and try out your system.

    How will we work together:

    I'll pass you the requirements for the blogs. The requirements are really basic and easy to achieve. The most important requirement is that the blog must achieve min 3k traffic per month- Not a hard one if you guide them to do keyword research well.

    You most probably have to do some minor amendments to your system. You want your buyers to focus on fulfilling my requirement, so that I'll buy their blogs.

    What happen if I am interested in this venture, but I do not have a "how to create a blog" system created yet?

    No worries. I have already created a system of my own. You'll just need to make it more user-friendly and make it more detailed, and you are more then welcome to sell them under your own name.

    Interested parties do contact me. I am only looking for up to 5 blog creators who have the determination to make this big, so do contact me with your plans.


    How much budget do you have to buy those blogs?

    Unlimited budget, as long as your buyers have the blogs I want. Have afew hundred thousands in spare cash.

    So how will this actually benefit me?

    You'll have increase amount of sales. The only effort you'll need to put in is to discuss the system with me, amend your system to fit my requirements and announce it to your buyers! I'll even promote it for you if I've got the time. If you can find any drawbacks, feel free to post it publicly.

    Are other types of sites applicable? Like I have a "how to create a eg. sales page?"

    It's really limited to other type of sites at the moment, but do contact me for inquiry first. There's a chance, I might be interested.