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    Hi all,

    I started an autoblog in Oct for the teen movie "New Moon." I chose this "niche" because it has long term appeal- ie- 4 books in the series and probably the same with the movies. Just a guess.

    I threw cpa offers up and adsense. I have no hits on my cpa ads, however my adsense is going bonkers. (who knew?) Anyway-the scaling up part..

    Does anyone have any great ideas on how to find long term niches, like what I mentioned above?

    I'm thinking of just doing adsense sites.Scaling up by creating more.

    And before anyone says it- I am not asking for niche ideas!!

    Just want to figure out "how to search for long term niche ideas."
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    Wow, so Twilight isn't all bad afterall. I think you've already found a niche - movies, things with a following. Maybe you can scale up by autoblogging about upcoming movies in development and create a viable network by connecting the blogs. Vampires and werewolves in general, might be good.
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