Trying to get my head around building a PBN and dominating my keywords

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by marksw1, Jul 19, 2016.

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    When building the PBN do i
    1: build web 2.0's, register with domain email addresses, add mediocre quality partially spun content, ( not the best ) and target my keywords.
    2: Insert links on the web 2.0's which are to some of my other EDM sites but are actually redirects to my blog sites?
    - crawl, ping .etc all methods to get the pages indexed.
    3: make sure my blog sites have high quality content, random amounts of post 15-20+ on average, different authors and a few comments on the posts, social profiles and some fake social signals aswell as real ones; then link out to my money site.
    4: try to create some fresh web 2.0;s for my money site.
    5: boost social signals on my money site.
    6: constantly update the blog with long tail keywords and some other posts close to the niche 1 - 2 posts a day above average content. - crawl, ping, indexing methods etc. ( someone else will do this whilst i work on other projects )

    all of my whois details will be random, hidden, fresh name etc.

    If i am wrong can someone please elaborate how it works more fully. thanks.
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    When I perform an SEO audit the list of things I consider is over 700 items long. While nothing you mention in your numbered list is wrong there are a ton of things left out. Here are a few of the bigger things IMO:
    • Have you check your SERP competitors for their social factor measures? Does your keyword need social to compete?
    • Are you targeting the same terms as the pages that already rank well?
    • Are you tuning your pages to the same degree as to achieve competitive parity with factor measures?
    • Have you identified the factors that correlate with ranking position for your keywords?
    • Are you going to link build to your blogs and social pages?
    • Are you targeting the same backlinks as your top ranking competitors?
    PS: I've seen recent data that private registration hurts organic rankings... not my data so I can't share it. Google's quality rating guidelines specifically calls out that identifying who is accountable for the website is an important factor. Just food for thought.
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    Blog sites should have decent metrics to have any effect.