Trying to gather interest for this #1 ranked amazon/adsense blog

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    hello. thanks for viewing my thread.
    I wanted to see if i could guage interest in this service which may help out experienced marketers and newbies alike.

    I have a source which builds handsome affiliate/adsense sites and gets them to rank #1 in google in a short time. My experience with him has been 3-8 weeks. I would offer this service and guarantee your #1 rank in this time frame, or one of the following: refund your entire purchase price, or build you another site and rank it #1.

    i have bought 10 sites off the guy and he has ranked all of them #1. they make a little money off amazon, and adsense; and they get good traffic. the difference in traffic from #1 to top ten is very measurable.

    THis guy's service rocks and he has agreed to enter into an affiliate arrangment with me. you would get a domain pushed to your account with the keyword getting at least 6,000 searches per month. You would get help pushing the site to your hosting account. and total adsense and affiliate integreation.

    i plan on marking the price up only slightly to $180-$220 which gives me a small profit.. opening up a thread and taking 20 orders at a time. or so. I would offer one free review copy to a mod in exahnge for their review. 2 discounted sites to established members for the same. I've been working with this guy for 8 months. And i've never once asked for my money back.

    If i can get enough interest then i'll go ahaed and open up a thread here for sale. please understand there is no guarantee of income, however you can easily flip a #1 rank blog with traffic, and i currently make a little money off my blogs i own.

    thanks for reading.
    mattj :D:D