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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by determined, Sep 26, 2010.

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    What would be the best way to figure out the way that a website is gaining links so fast and so powerful? I am a newbie and I do not want to seem like I am not doing my research I have done everything I know. I have been reading post non stop since joining BHW and I am learning more and more everyday I just know there are some really skilled people here that can direct me.
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    1.Well you could do some in depth things such as FIND the website with many back links of your comp and FIND some common foot print then run the keywords of that site against the foot print.

    2. Some of these sites that have TONS of back links are nothing more then Niche sites that BLAst the hell out spammed sites and within a month or two they are taken down so that could work in your favor as long as you dont give up.

    3. Email marketing campaign.

    4. Sometimes I make website that are clones of my own website For example I have a news website and then 5 websites just like it and all the clone sites say RIGHT ON TOP in the banner "This web page is a clone of "MAin new website" FOr whatever REason this has given me many extra hits and link wheeled. :)

    5. Start hitting only pr7 plus blogs/ SITes

    6. List your site as a business in google buisiness directory and then base keywords around your site. VERY easy and list the site in a HIGH POP area LA/DEtroit/ New york. Its FREE

    7. List your site in all the free business directories

    8. Make a twitter account that runs of the RSS feed of your site then go to:


    Use there freebie service and get around 1k followers in 3 days

    9. Make or take videos and water mark you website into them and post them on all media tubes youtube, crack, meta cafe

    10. REview your mass comments. Make sure you keep your comments FRESH when blog spamming. Go to spammed blogs and go through the comments and copy the ones you would click on and re spin them. Aswell as try FREE link directories.
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    fast an powerful. powerful links comes from high pr blogs, sites that are dofollw