Trying to approach a huge company. How's My Strategy?

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    Situation: Big company. ~1k locations. Headquarters is ~1 hour away from me.

    Their Problem: Not ranking in the local results for any of their keywords in any location, and they have tons of bad reviews.

    Solution: Reputation Management and Local SEO. 5-6 figure deal, most likely with recurring payments.


    Strategy 1: Cold mailer, high quality, and in my opinion decent copy. They can understand everything in the packet in 15 seconds, and the rest of the pack goes into a lot more detail of how it all works.

    Issues: Getting it to the right person. And encouraging them to call.


    Strategy 2: Take on 5 of their locations near me (I'd do it for free). Move them up in the rankings and clean up reviews. Then use them as both a reference and case study to approach the headquarters.

    Issues: The effort required to rank them, and the possibility of not closing the "big guy."


    Let me know your thoughts, or other possible suggestions. My background is SEO. I have a few big clients now, and only want to bring on more that are equal or greater in size.

    Thanks. ~englandrm

    (I've been trying to figure out a new "system," as my old one worked so well. There's been a few ideas bouncing around over the past few months, and I really want to try this out).
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