Try these Amazing new English words to propel your personal growth!


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Dec 12, 2018
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Yes, that is right.

Zack is here to treat you all to a Back Hat World special.

Recently I have noticed many more people posting and replying to requests for review copies, and even more PMs.

These are some scarce, unique English words which I think may help some of you guys get better responses and build a better relationship with those you are asking things of.

1. Hello

A fantastic word which can be used as a polite way of beginning a conversation.

2. How are you?

A brilliant way to build a relationship and a great conversation starter, try it, the response may surprise you!

3. Could i.../ May i...

Would you like to request something? Try using the above, after all being polite doesn't have to cost the earth.

4. Please

Another fantastic English word which may just get you what you want!

5. Thank you

Again, another highly-under rated English word, which is a fantastic way to finish a conversation or to respond with when someone does something for you!

Try sprucing up your language with a little common courtesy and some manners, you may be surprised how far someone is willing to go if you just try to be a little polite!