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Discussion in 'Cloaking and Content Generators' started by dashndash, Apr 1, 2009.

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    Depends on the proxy
    hey guys!! Finally I've found some way out for Phantomas Shadow maker...!!:D

    This is all after 2 years of hanging here and there he he.................... :D

    My questions is, if I make thousands of long tail keywords pages without any back links to cloaked websites, will I get any visitor? If yes how many Unique Visitors per day?;)

    And yes I know that my website will go down soon, but I want traffic for a small time.... :p

    And another question is (this is white hat), if I write 5 articles per day continuously, when will I reach atleast 200 Unique Visitors? This is the most important question I'm stucked in :D

    I've to try something which is continuously deviating my mind from work... :D
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    Your questions cannot possibly be answered accurately as there are many different factors in play here. The main one being your niche and chosen keywords. If you pick keywords that are too competitive, you will never rank. If you pick keywords that dont have enough searches, then you may rank but wont get any visitors. Focus more on research, then build your site, then get some backlinks, and you will get some traffic and money.