Troy Smith - Nina Bronson - CrushDollars - Blackxxxer - $1100 ripoff 2009

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    Since the ehoar section is no longer around some may have forgotten about one of the biggest ripoffs in BHW history. This guy has the balls to be on his old yahoo, so I did some Googling and yes, he's still around. I'm here to refresh some memories and to let Troy Smith know I haven't forgotten about him and still have a file on him. Most importantly, to let you guys know that might not have, that this guy will run with your money.

    Now 22 year old Troy Anthony Smith originally of Morganton GA, DC, Boca Raton and others, opened up a dating affiliate site in 2009 called CrushDollars, paid out twice, then bought a car and left for some state like Michigan with his girlfriend he met online, Nina Bronson (I also got a handwritten bad check from Nina Bronson for $125), leaving many, many unpaid affiliates behind, right at the holidays.

    In total, I was paid $1375 by CrushDollars and was left owed $1100.

    Earnings screenshots:
    Total YTD:
    What was left owed:

    Total wires:

    I have EXTENSIVE chat logs with him, here's some excerpts:

    I of course had to repay the $900 and never heard from him again.

    Here's the lovely couple enjoying a nice meal together, no doubt paid for by the people they stole from:


    Last I heard, Nina was pregnant. I had two children at the time they ripped me off. I'd like to ask them how they'd feel if someone ripped them off $1100 right before christmas, now that they have children of their own?

    He goes by the screen name blackxxxer on forums, jmaster12490 was his personal screen name, tasmithonline is also an alias of his, on GAF and other freelance hire sites his handle was tombhs.

    It's been three years, and Troy Smith is starting to think we've forgotten about him. Be vigilant.

    Troy Smith, Troy A. Smith, Nina Bronson, Nina L. Bronson, CrushDollars, CrushTroy, Blackxxxer.
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    Thank you for providing this information.