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    Read this article in the NYTimes today about troll farms in Russia being used for political purposes, controlling popular opinion and social messaging. It seems like this could be an excellent tool for social media marketing and promotion.

    They go across several networks, blogs, sites, forums, etc, each person with different accounts, basically an army of outsourced people with 3-5 identities that they manage through a variety of sock puppets (all on different networks). These identities then like/share/whatever each other on overlapping networks, and also have random friends to pad everything out. Contact major press outlets from all different directions, and naturally grow a network of significant web penetration.

    A network like this developed in the right way could benefit in a lot of ways. It's like a PBN, but for web identities.

    Anyone do this, how do you put it together, what would it cost? What's the minimum level to be effective?

    How would you monetize this? Campaign season is coming, is the political angle the most profitable?

    Even 10 people with 3 identities each would seem like a crowd on social networks and forums. Of course, there would need to be a lot of protocols figured out for not tripping spam and banning systems.