Trojan Found in Bookmarkwiz ?


Apr 25, 2009
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i need someone to tell me if this is a trojan ....
False Alarm I'm pretty sure. Some Packer cause false alarm to AVs. If you use a cracked version, it could has viruses :D Good Luck!
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Wow, didn't expect that. Hope it's ok.
Wow, didn't expect that. Hope it's ok.

It's quite common to get false positives with cracks... you just have to decide if you're prepared to take the chance.

I'm sure a lot of the guys on here use virtual pc's to operate this stuff but I don't know enough about it to help our further.
I was assuming he meant paid. I don't think there's a crack here since the developer is a member here.
Its false alarm. Bookmarkwiz is "packed" with an exe protector for licensing. Some antivirus automatically reports a packed .exe as a "trojan" (trojans are also packed applications most of the time)

But this is a false postive. Dont worry :)
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