Mar 26, 2018
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hello guys,
i'm currently handling a record label's YT Account in Indonesia, South East Asia Region.
The CPM & CPV of YT Ads here is around USD 1.0 , a bit sad :(

i've tried to combine a few g**gle chr*me extensions to grab ads from
America, HK, Singapore, and German.

My tools are:

1. Proxy Switch Sharp >> to switch VPN and IP address

2. Auto Refresh Plus >> to constantly refreshes a tab

3. Random User Agent >> to change a browser's user profile. to make it simple, when you watch YT on PC, you can make YT recognizes you're watching it from an Android phone.

4. Vid-IQ >> just to understand a good keywords.

The results:

1. I've managed to grab HK & America's ads, but the connection is a bit terrible so it's not that stable.
2. When i looked at the analytics, it doesn't represent the calculable amount of views which i've tested.

Any comments on this? Because i've a lot of content to play with ~

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