Tricking Google into Telling you if you have a Manual or Automated Penalty?

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    At this point literally almost every one of my many (about 50) amazon sites, which were doing very well, have all been heavily sandboxed, and show no hope of ever coming out. Even the newer sites I made suffered the same fate, no matter what kind of backlinking I used, and how careful I was with backlinks. Conclusion: my backlinks are NOT the reason why the sites are getting destroyed.

    For the most part, once they reach page 1, and start bringing in money, they get perma-sandboxed (i mean totally off the damn map), and never come back.

    I'm not sure if this is a manual review thing, or if google actually has an automated way to perma-sandbox sites now. One thing that my sites all share in common is the same template, and I have 10-20 amazon product listings displayed, above the fold, and before any real content (other than an H1 heading title).

    I hide the amazon affiliate links by using MOD Rewrite and the .htaccess file (which means that when you hover over my amazon listings, it looks like this for the URL:

    Also, it doesn't seem to matter how many subpages the site has either; even my sites with more subpages got wrecked too.

    I have tried aged domains and new EMD domains..... they all suffer the same fate.

    The only thing that I noticed is that in some cases my lower volume / lower competition sites seem to stay ranked one page 1 longer, before they get the axe (when compared to my higher competition/volume keyword sites).

    Anyways...... back to the actual point of this post:

    If you have a site that is sandboxed badly, can't you submit a request for google to reconsider your site, and restore it back to the ranking that it should be getting? (IE: remove the penalty)?

    I heard that if it is an automated penalty, they will say there is nothing that they can do, because it is not a manual penalty.

    This may not seem like much, but it would actually tell me if my sites are getting manually or automatically penalized.

    For as fast as it is happening, I am starting to think that it is more of an automated thing.

    Any thoughts?[​IMG]??
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    I am curious to know if and how you can find out if a penalty is automated or not... So if anyone knows or has an idea please post it.
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    forget requests man, Google bullshits left right and center. Keep moving on. When Googel has a problem they get some phd dude to make a script to automate it. So let's say a script to detect unnatural link building, well they look at how they do this, it will be things like link velocity, and link age, and site age, and all sorts of crap. Best thing to do is just invest in chocolate stock, because when you become depressed that BIG G has put you into the play pit, you can eat chocolate all day and have decent serotonin levels still in brain.
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