Trick to maximize SENUKE and BookmarkDemon

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    I think both SENUKE and Bookmarkdemon is very useful.
    I assume we all know SENUKE cam make mass "unique" blog and content by spinning words.
    When I create mass wordpress blog with SENUKE, I think the blog I create has a bad pagerank, and so much WordpressMU blog we created, better to make our dummy blog has a good pagerank too.
    So the trick is Bookmark every our dummy WordpressMU blog with SENUKE social bookmark nuke and Bookmarkdemon, so it will raise our dummy blog pagerank too.
    Then create many post content with every our dummy blog.. google loves update blog
    Next trick is create link each other of our blog dummy, I create one "unique" post content for every dummy blog to links each other, so every dummy blog is linked.
    Next step.. maybe it'll need more work to do..
    Bookmark every single post of our dummy blog. To check our post link is add "/feed" o our blog url, for example url
    Copy every single post link, than bookmark them with SENUKE and Bookmarkdemon..
    So we will have many blog dummy with good pagerank
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