Trick to get insight into niche market

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    I was tricked by this recently... So maybe you can TRY IT YOURSELF or PREVENT IT from happening to you...

    Goal: Find the value of a niche website you are interested in without spending time or money

    1) Search for niches - Find profitable niche via bhw / google
    2) Find a website - Find a website ranking page 1-3 in that niche
    3) Look up whois - Do whois lookup and contact website owner via email
    4) Contact owner as guru - Contact owner of website pretending to be a famous internet marketing guru interested in purchasing the website
    5) Ask questions - Try to pull out the revenue of site, data, anything that makes the site valuable

    You now know about the profit of a niche without being in it.

    The thing is it's so hard to know whether the offer's legit or not as a website owner, response rate will go up just by having a guru name. I just accept anyone who sounds halfway believable as an offer to consider but it's my due diligence to not give away site keywords or anything too revealing
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