[TRICK] How to Make Google Hide Your Referrer For You...

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    First of all, I would never do this in a production environment... but I thought this was interesting to at least play with. I tested it on IE, FF, Chrome & Safari and it works.

    I stumbled across this in Chrome tonight when I tried to browse to BHW but it was down. So a "link helper" page came up from Google (for Chrome) saying there was an error. On that page was a link to try the site again.

    Well, it turns out that link is a redirect through Google that then uses javascript to redirect to your destination page. And the cool thing is that Google shows up as the referrer for your destination page!

    The link itself is passed with a hash. I haven't even looked at it yet to see if it's something simple like MD5 or SHA1. That's because the first page (the link helper page) will automatically build the hash for me if I do it right. Then I have a ready-to-go Google-footprint redirect.

    Edit the URL below for your redirect page and enter it into your browser.

    http://linkhelp.clients.google.com/tbproxy/lh/fixurl?hl=en-US&sd=com&url=http%3A%2F%2F[the page you want to redirect to, URL-encoded]&sourceid=chrome&error=connectionfailure
    Voila! Copy the link on that page for your new redirect courtesy of Big G.

    Once again, I don't suggest using this for anything other than playing around, though. Reason being that even though you'll have a nice Google referrer to your destination page, you'll be leaving a footprint w/ Google. At best they close the loophole down and your redirects disappear. At worst they backtrack and punish you for hijacking their redirects.

    I thought it was interesting at least.
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