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Trick "Get Likes" app for Instagram into getting your photos over 4x requested likes

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by roccob91, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. roccob91

    roccob91 Newbie

    Mar 10, 2014
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    Hi new friends!

    I want to start by saying thanks for being such a great community here. I?m a newcomer and I?ve learned more in the past few days surfing the forum than I have through any other means (including my money-sink university).

    I wanted to share a little tip/trick I recently discovered. I?ve been using ?Get Likes? for iOS to fluff the number of likes on my instagram photos. It?s a pretty generic app (with an even more generic name). It?s a token based 'like for like? system, but what separates this one is one tiny (yet gaping) glitch.

    After doing a few rounds of mass-liking, I saved up enough tokens to buy around 50 likes. I traded them in and the likes appeared unexpectedly fast. I got exactly 50 likes - meh - big deal. But then! I tried buying one like at a time. I quickly realized that if I bought one like at a time, the service would put the photo in the ?like' queue, but was too slow to pull it out before multiple people liked the photo.

    I ran numbers for a bit today and for every 1 like I bought (individually) I was securing an average of 4.5 likes. It?s surprisingly consistent, but it?s most effective during standard peak social media hours. Staggering them at a rate of about 20sec seemed the most effective to me.

    Hope this helps somebody! Below is my referral link for the app as well as the direct link. Definitely don?t want to spam, just thought it?d be dumb for me not to post it. Mods, if this is a problem please let me know. I read the posting rules, but I?m still pretty green. Thanks!!

    My referral link:
    [FONT=Arial]getlikes. me/ whoistelegraph[/FONT]
    Direct link:
    [FONT=Arial]getlikes .me/[/FONT]