Transferring money from current paypal account one that is semi-banned


Feb 10, 2015
OK, so this is a little complicated.

So I am an American currently live in South Korea. I've selling video games on ebay for a few years. Long story short, I had my sales privileges taken away from listing some unlicensed games. NOT bootleg games, for those who may want to jump down my throats :p

Fast forward a few months and I ended up moving apartments. I was able to open a new account under my wife's name since we had a new home address and new computer. So nothing would be traceable to the old account. Now I have been able to log in to both paypal accounts on the same computer and have had no issues (it's been about 9 months since I opened this new account). By issues I mean ebay hasn't sent me any OMG YOUR ACCOUNTS ARE LINKED messages. I HAVE NOT signed into my old ebay account since my seller privileges were taken away. If I wanted to, I could still log into that old account since they did not ban me from making purchases.

Now the question is, is there any way that I can send money from this new paypal account to my old one? The new address is linked to my wife's bank account which is in Korea, but I want to be able to send some of the money from ebay back to my savings account in the USA. My worry is that ebay will link the two accounts and ban me again. But I am also thinking that since I've never logged into ebay with the old account, that they wont be able to really link me. I guess it all depends on if paypal automatically shares any of this info with ebay.

I know I could send it to her account and then to a transfer to my American account, but the remittance fees would be much higher. Any solutions to this problem? I've read about people buying bitcoin and then transferring that to another paypal account. This tactic seems scary to me since I know absolutely nothing about bitcoin. Any other possible work arounds?

Thanks in advance! :)
I don't know about that but make sure you change ip and clear flash cookies in between log ins. If you don't they will catch you for sure.
Thank you for the response.

Well as of now, I have accepted direct payments from people on my semi banned account and have been selling on ebay with the new account on the same computer an IP address. Like I said though, I have never logged into the old ebay account. I wonder if this has prevented them from linking the accounts? And I've never sent money from one account to the other before.

I really need to get some of this money to the USA account though. Super frustrating situation :-( .

I am going back to the USA next week though. I was thinking about opening a new paypal account while I'm home under a new bank, but the name and address would be the same. I think that would be enough for them to link the account then, right?
buy bitcoins with your paypal account and cash in via coinbase or localbitcoins while in the U.S

That was one of my first ideas too. But I read that you lose a lot of money through exchange by doing it that way. I am clueless about bitcoin, so I wasn't sure how accurate that assessment was. Where can I buy bitcoins using paypal?
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