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Transferring Hosting Questions!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Johnny_Tsunami, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Johnny_Tsunami

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    Nov 14, 2016
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    Hey buds,

    Just wanted to ask you all a question i've been having issues wrapping my head around.

    I'm working for a client that currently has 7 separate "packages", each with around 30 IPs, on a shared SEO Hosting website.

    My first step was to go through each and every domain in every package (around 350 domains total), and remove all of the domains that have no value.

    Now, I'm stuck with 7 packages, each with anywhere from 1-20+ "good" domains in each, that I want to transfer out of this hosting provider.

    I have cPanel access to every site, WP access to every site, Domain registrar access, all of that stuff.

    What are my necessary steps to transferring these blogs to let's say Easy Blog Net? We have OBL and content on each, and I'd want to literally keep the site exactly the same, not have to wipe it all and start fresh. (I.E. keeping the content/links/theme/everything). I have a "WP backup" plugin i've been using, called WP Clone, that makes auto backups of everything and gives me a URL that I put into my new site and it recreates everything.

    Is this the process I should be following?

    1. Add the domain to Easy Blog Net
    2. Switch Nameservers to Easy Blog Net's
    3. Download WP Clone plugin
    4. Run the plugin, get the backup link
    5. Terminate old hosting? Or do I wait for EBN nameservers to propogate first? Will a website with 2 "active" hosts cause issues?
    6. Download the WP Clone plugin on the new host, put in URL, boom, website is back up and running.

    Is this the right steps? I don't want to go into FTP junk for every single domain. I'm going to have to do this to at least 100 domains, and want to make sure I'm doing it not only correctly, but efficiently.

    Thanks so much my brethren.