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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by twpro, Nov 5, 2016.

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    When I first started SEO I bought some crap PBN links which obviously hurt my serps when penguin 4 hit. The problem is I bought so many packages of links from different sellers cause I was a noob.

    Well now I have my own high quality PBN which is definitely ranking my websites quickly. The problem is this one website I put a TON of work into is not ranking for anything in the top 100. It used to be ranking, then penguin 4 hit, now I'm ranking for nothing.

    How can I salvage this? I have so much high quality content I don't want to let it go to waste.

    My thoughts were to try putting all the content on an expired domain with good metrics and turning it into a money site, but then what about google seeing it as duplicate content.

    Other option is to disavow links.. but I'm not sure which ones are crap and which ones are giving real juice.

    My domain metrics for this specific money site are: 18TF 23 CF 15DA, 22RD

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    It's a difficult situation.

    1) If you transfer the content, like you said there could be the possibility of duplicate content + it's going to be hard ranking for a domain from scratch again (even if it's an expired domain with some juice)

    2) I think it might be better to attempt a recovery. You could do a disavow of the most obvious spammy sites that show up in Search Console, not all, just a few of them. Then wait a bit. If in the meanwhile you could also build a few high quality links to the same site, it might help. Apparently, Google in their latest update is ignoring links more than penalizing them, so you might not be ranking more because some of the links are devalued rather than penalized. So a few good links might help with a recovery.

    I would go with solution 2.