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Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by Scrapper555, Jun 23, 2009.

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    May 13, 2009
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    I posted last night about my site possible getting hacked. Cirtex seems to not have a back up to restore from. I'm thinking of transferring what's left of the site from them to godaddy cause i need unlimited/unlimited. And restore as much of the site that was there before as possible. I have a couple other very small sites that would need to be transferred along with it. I have a copy of the site on my desktop from back in march and could use that, i also had downloaded to my desktop most of the videos as i was thinking about moving the files a few weeks ago.

    They (cirtex) have been working on it for a couple days, but keep asking me this:


    We have checked backup for your database but it shows only empty files. Could you please check once again database backup in your local machine?

    Thank You."

    Shouldn't they be able to just restore from a week or 2 ago?

    Not sure what to do at this point, so can someone point me in the right direction and most cost affordable solution. I'd just say screw it but there are 20 plus thousand page views a day and lots of work and money i've put into it already. It's a porn tube site.

    1. Transfer from cirtex to godady.
    2. Make sure all the files for this site are the most up to date ones. When the site got hacked some of the files / changes that were made are still good but i uploaded the old template and renamed the newer one so I'd just need the most up to date stuff cause server file retained some of the changes that had been made.
    3. I can upload the videos from my desktop. But not sure this is the best route cause the videos are still on the server in a different database but not getting reached.

    Is this the best method or any ideas?