Tragedy and Triumph - Failure and "The Music" of the deal

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    First off Happy Halloween...the only day in the whole calendar that is worth a damn. After seeing many failure related posts, I had my own take on this. I myself would not be considered successful. But not all lack of success is based solely on action or inaction as there are people here that have gone beyond maximum effort for little to no $$$..........

    So I was watching the movie Hoffa for the first time in years and made possibly a stunning
    revelation. I compared it to some of my failings at IM.At one point, Jack Nicolson is walking
    thru the picket lines listening to the man on the megaphone screaming out to all the picketers
    and he says something unusual. "He knows the words but he doesn't know the music"

    I thought, how common is this in IM & how can I apply it to my life? We have countless methods
    that have obviously worked for somebody at one point in time. So as a noob you go in "knowing"
    the procedure, perhaps even knowing some of the words but yet can't make a sale. In my real world
    "offline" jobs I know the value of "sales copy". This is the "music" of any professional sales
    driven organization. I know this, cause mine always kinda sucked. Yeah, I'd get a few sales..but
    I was far from whooing the crowd or romancing the audience.

    This is a problem even some veteran sales people
    have as evidenced by a study where they took a $50k/yr salesman & a $200k/yr salesman and reversed
    their roles in the company. In a short time both men respectively were earning what they had
    always earned. This told management that it wasn't the product or position in the company, it
    was the salesman himself! The 50k guy just doesn't have the "music" that the $200k guy has
    developed over the same lifetime.

    A prime example that EVERYONE can relate to regardless of background: Two guys walk into a bar.
    They look about the same, same money, same personality...cut from the same cloth you might say.
    One will go to the bar 6 times and might pic up one chic. The other will go one time and pick
    up 6 chics. One is very adept at tell women what they want to hear and knows how to take no
    prisoners without entering the dreaded "creep" or "deuschebag" zone. The other obviously also
    knows what to say to women but does not yeild the same results. One probably LOVES the human
    race as they always seem to step and fetch to the tune of his horn and he gets what he wants.
    The other? On some days, encountering massive resistance, probably screams out the lyrics to
    Misfits Astro Zombies in his car wishing the whole human race would die! LOL (Thanks Glen Danzig!)

    Probably, one of the most useful things BHW could do is open a section devoted to "The Music"
    you know, how to push peoples buttons to get the desired response..sorta like Pavlov's dog.
    You can tell someone a product is great and get a sale or two...but if you can get an emotional
    response then you can really nail them! This is not information that everyone has been exposed
    to or has experience with. Some will recieve the information and say "Holy isht, it's really
    that simple"..and yes others will still be confused.

    But there's no reason why this business should ever dawn a 95% failure rate. You don't rush
    to blame the blame the teacher first. If your High School teachers had a 95%
    student failure rate chances are you'd be digging sewer ditches for minimum wage rather than
    reading BHW today. Just sayin.

    Well, that's my hypothisis.....

    I had this spellchecked...but the site chose to freeze. upon refresh the text was gone. I'm not respellchecking it! Also, the login scripts on this site seem to hang up a LOT...more than I remember.