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Traffic Tips

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by eskimo, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. eskimo

    eskimo Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    I am a web and graphic designer. I recently decided that I was not getting enough work in, so I decided to redo my website and do some major promotion of my site. The results have been good, so I though I would share. These are all very basic things to do to get some decent traffic, and no BH involved, but they might help. These are leaning towards promoting a business, so they don't apply to all websites, but hopefully they help a bit!

    Like I said, I redid my website, which killed my G ranking, so I had to do a lot of work.

    To start building up some traffic, I started an adwords campaign. This is an obvious (and quite expensive) way of getting some traffic, but if you look around on the web you can usually find some free adwords vouchers. For only $10 i got $50 worth of ads. This initial traffic boost will help get your PR up again, and your site indexed by G.

    I posted A LOT of adverts on various classifieds sites such as CL and bumtree. I tried to stick to relevant sections, since it is a business I am running and I want people to take me seriously. If you post in the girl seeking girl section of the casual relationships section for webdesign, people aren't gonna use you.

    I made a large effort to build up backlinks. I used google to find forums where you don't need to register to post a comment. This is the quikest way to build up lots of backlinks. Check out this thread (w*w*w*.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/white-hat-seo/68555-unlimited-backlinks-these-google-query-footprints.html) for a bit of help in finding these forums.

    I did quite a lot of offline advertising. If you have a printer you can get a LARGE amount of traffic to your site for almost no money. I printed hundreds of those posters with the tear off contact details at the bottom and stuck them up everywhere I went. I also printed some flyers and photo copied them, and got some dude to hand them out at the traffic lights. On the flyers it says "theis flyer entitles you to 10% off a website. terms and conditions apply". The terms and conditions are that the website has to be over a certain (large) price.

    I also made some stickers of just my URL, and stuck em on my car and anything else I could.

    I made up a nice looking HTML email which I sent to my buddies to forward on to everyone they know, saying that I pay 20% of the price of the site for a lead. So if you refer somebody to me for a site, you get 20% of the price. y own mini affiliate network.

    I also built up a mailing list. Just of people who have gotten websites from me, and people who got quotes. I mail them once in a while offering some sort of promotion or something similar. For example, something like business card easter sale - $20 for 1000. Also, I email them on special occasions, such as an "easter card" from my company.

    These are all really basic ideas, but a lot of people overlook them, especially offline marketing, but they do work. Try apply some of these to your site for a good traffic boost. Good Luck, and merry easter!