Traffic Space Paid AutoSurf (1 Dogecoin every 10 pages surfed)

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Hello, I am posting again about my traffic exchange. I have improved some features.

    You may now earn five Dogecoin every hour to log in. Simply log out and back in once per hour to add to your balance.
    Run the traffic exchange to earn Dogecoin passively. You will earn .1 Dogecoin for every page surfed.
    Pages display with a random timer between fifteen to twenty five seconds. That's ~18 Dogecoin per hour.
    There is no minimum for payout requests. I pay out every night. I add your log ins to your exchange points before payment.

    My income is from a captcha during the log in process, some banners, and a few pop ups.
    Pop ups should not appear in the traffic exchange except from user websites.

    I have already made eleven payments since creating my exchange a week ago.

    My website is called Geek Basic and may be found at the top of a google search.
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    a bigggggggggggg nooooo just looking for an extra coin in your pocket.. misleading information