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Traffic or stuffing?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aliengeek, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. aliengeek

    aliengeek Newbie

    Sep 16, 2008
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    Just felt like tossing this in to stimulate some ideas.

    Your either in to traffic, or stuffing it seems. Mostly both but what I mean, your either going for as many visits as you can or your looking to target visits that generate income.

    We all know adsense and the like are dead for the most part. If you make any real money, you'll get banned. Link spamming is a trade that got put on the front lines of search engine snipers thanks to script kiddies spamming the hell out of sites that they should never have even approached. I mean, a PR10 site is not my first choice right?

    So what are you doing to make it work for you?

    Me, I go the content route. If you look at clickpickme.com you can see a HyperVRE test case running that has made a whopping 60 cents in as many months...woo-hoo. The site its self is barely ranking for what I want even though I've got thousands or relevant backlinks. So whats going on?
    First, I didn't modify the template, just to see how google treats it. They don't like it.

    Then I kind of went general and just used keywords that I know are highly trafficed. The goal was to get the lesser engines to spider me but, google wont touch the site despite my generous efforts. I mean, I spent many many hours blogging untl my fingers hurt. I dropped links everywhere and anywhere. I even had people going to the site from my radio show (I'm mainly into engineering and the music industry these days).

    No effect. Check it out. I'm getting no love.

    I followed their rules and did it according to those stupid guides that say "you'll make thousands a month!"...no, I don't. Infact, I have not even made one penny stuffing a cookie. YIKES.

    So I'm officially out of that game and my blog is going back up. You guys will like that thought because all of my software and source code will be on the blog, no need to PM me or anything any more. And your free to spam the hell out of me :) I kinda like it when other BH techs think my site is worth the effort.
    Its not, though.

    I doubt clickpickme.com will ever be what I envisioned but I'd like to direct you to http://www.starsatelliteradio.com. HORRIBLY messy as this is a real operation being handled by three different record labels with me in the middle saying "I aint writing ANYTHING until you give me DJs".
    I've generated a TON in stuffing from that site!
    I didn't even index the thing yet really.

    So why is that site killing clickpickme when the domain is a much better one?
    Well, first I get the natural pool from satelliteradio. Stars on satellite radio works well to because a lot of personalities like to inflate the ego. Still, you ownt find me in the search engines.

    I sued a much simpliar tactic. As a musician I've written thousands of songs and every so often I take the good ones and make up a new personality for myspace and the other social netowrk sites. With friendblaster I then go to town getting friends. within a week I had over 10k visits from that alone.

    It didn't cost me a penny. I didn't need to play the google dance and I didn't have to optimize JACK.

    So I think thats my direction. rather than focusing on natural search engine results I rely on my content and viral marketing pretty much all by its self. PPC comes in handy. I will pay up to $5 for new product launch keywords to stuff CJ and Amazon and the others. Its worth it when you pick exspensive products and high commissions.

    So what are you up to? Did you fall for the adsense scam like I did? I really thought I could make it work, but I'm just not motivated enough to keep competeing with the millions of spam sites. It would take, by my count, 6 months of hard core blackhatting to get clickpickme where I want it and google WILL dindex it. I could go the legit route and use IBP but, that takes a lot of effort and I found my own way to get what I wanted anyway.

    Yeah, I'm kind of bored today so I'm chatting it up way to much.
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  2. Barbacamanitu

    Barbacamanitu Power Member

    May 8, 2008
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    I've yet to find something that makes me content. I'm slaving away at PPI atm, but I'd love to get into some newer things.
  3. Rein1418

    Rein1418 BANNED BANNED

    Apr 11, 2008
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    Great post. I'd go for stuffing too, but never let go of getting legit traffic.. It takes long but sure as hell is worth the wait..
  4. catman08

    catman08 Junior Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    Nice post. However if you play the adsense game you need to target high paying keywords. Thats the only way to make some money with that ;-)

    The domain name ... the headlines ... everything must be targeted to that specific keyword.