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    hi guys, there seems to be a lot of topics on how to get traffic from things like yahoo answers, digg, social bookmarking etc, I'm just wondering how much traffic, in number form, you could expect from that.

    I'm hoping to get about 20,000 unique views to my site in a single day, not highly targeted traffic, but not junk traffic either, just semi-interested traffic, is that possible? I would ideally spend 8 hours a day to do this, and do it every single day. (20,000 views = makes me a living) I would be putting articles on this site, probably hot news articles that would bomb out after that day or the next day or a week.

    thanks for your help traffic masters [:
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    The problem with your plan is that you need to focus on conversions - not visitors.

    For instance, what I do is to build out smaller sites that have a tightly oriented group of buyer oriented keywords I'm targeting. These will usually be oriented around a product name, brand, type of product, or sub-niche of some kind that has lots of eager buyers. Avoid freebie information seekers, they just eat up your bandwith and demand that you keep producing tons of daily content.

    I have a little site just as an example that I launched in early October. It has about ten pages of content in a tiny little niche with relatively low competition in Google and I sell just one product that pays $20 commission. I haven't done much with the site. THe first week I got about 50 backlinks for it, haven't touched the thing since.

    I don't get much traffic to it. Maybe 5 people a day. But do you know that that site has about a 20% rate of conversion? So out of 150 visitors per month I'm making 30 sales X $20 for $600 month completely passive income. It's on my list to keep expanding the site because obviously I could be getting much more traffic.

    But this is an example of a better way of using your time and energy.

    The "old" way of doing websites - circa 2005 - was all about building lots of content, posting news and quality articles, attracting attention, and trying to get popular. Also publishing a newsletter to go with your site.

    Since then, people who spent all their time doing that turn out to not be doing very well generally speaking. Traditional blogging doesn't pay very well. You need to monetize, monetize, monetize. Don't pick a subject matter that you "love" - pick one that will convert. And then build out more sites so you end up with a portfolio of sites that are earning for you.

    THis is what I recommend, anyway. Avoid thinking that untargeted traffic is good - it's usually not. You end up writing lots of stuff and burning yourself out for not very much money.

    Be careful, is all I'm saying. Be very strategic about what you're publishing and make sure it ties in directly to products that people are actively buying or CPA offers that will entice people to submit their email address. And avoid Adsense, for god's sake. IT doesn't make a dime for most people these days.

    The opportunities to make serious bank online are still very huge - you just have to manage your time and efforts very carefully and always be thinking about getting the sale. Everything you do on your site should be in service to a potential sale - not providing tons of free info, not appealing to freebie seekers who have a tendency to never turn into buyers.

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